Dev Letter #12 Recap

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Has it just been over a month since the last Dev Letter? It feels like it’s been even longer! Either way, Phantasma and Caroline are back again to give a heads up for more exciting events for Touhou LostWord - if the 1st Anniversary goodies haven’t been exciting enough for you already. As always, there’s only so much a simple summary can portray when it comes to the heart of these letters, so don’t be shy to give the Dev Letter a watch using the Youtube link above! 

The content covered will be a mix of some ongoing events as well as new, just as the Dev Letter goes over content. Unlike the Dev Letter, however, some of the content will likely be out of order, either to get the most important details out of the way early or to pair up information that synergizes well with each other.

NIJISANJI EN Collab with Pomu Rainpuff!

In case you weren’t aware, there was recently a special stream with vtuber Pomu Rainpuff where she played Touhou LostWord while speaking with Phantasma! He even gave a special announcement of Kogasa coming out this month…to which many people seemed to not have taken note of. The collab even featured Pomu’s own cover of The Heat of My Fingertips, the first LostWord MV project! You can give it a listen below.

The collab isn’t over yet, though! Starting today and ending June 24th will be a Retweet Campaign in collaboration with NIJISANJI EN. Not only will every player receive items for 5 prayers at 1,500 Retweets, but anyone who joins by Retweeting will have the chance to receive LostWord merchandise autographed by Pomu herself! Be sure to keep up with LostWord Global’s social media to participate in this limited event!

Three’s a Crowd

Not one, not two, but three new Friends will be making their debut in-game within the next week. Coming first on the 17th is a Friend some of you may be familiar with if you’ve been keeping up with Code E9…it’s the Legendary Vampire Hunter, Sakuya Izayoi from the E1 Universe! She will be an Ultra Festival Friend available in her own prayer from June 17th to June 30th, or a little less than 2 weeks.

Of course an Ultra Festival Friend needs a super-spiffy image to introduce their skills!

Following her up on the 20th will be a double header similar to the recent A10 Sanae Kochiya + Mononobe no Futo and Keiki Haniyasushin + Kutaka Niwatari Prayers, as it has a Festival and General Friends’ debut. In fact, it will be a lot more similar to the former, as we have the introduction of another A10 Universe Friend: Kanako Yasaka! Her partner in crime will be Kogasa Tatara, coming along for the ride with her own special costume. These Friends will be available for a similar amount of time as E1 Sakuya: from June 20th to July 3rd.

Kogasa gets a colorful, stylish, and cheery outfit to match her demeanor!

Other Prayer Opportunities

Along with the new Friends, another opportunity for pulling for older Friends will be released on the 20th - and a special opportunity at that! The Attack Class Prayer is your chance to pull for many Attack-type Friends, both featured Festival and Generals, as no other Friends appear outside of Attack-type! Along with the normal benefits of x2 Fortune Dust for pulling with God Crystals, each God Crystal pull costs half and guarantees a featured Festival Friend! But you’ll have to be fast, as the prayer only lasts 72 hours, from June 20th to the 22nd!

Nue had so much fun being introduced a while ago that she is back already!

The Dev Letter also went over the currently ongoing prayers, in case you forgot any of them. And I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting, there are a lot of them still, even if it is slightly less than what the beginning of the 1st Anniversary celebration hit us with. Since all of these prayers will end either on the 19th or 24th, both times that coincide with the new Friends, how about checking their Should You Pulls to make sure you’re not missing out on anyone important?

Challenge Content Review

Just like a professional league sports drafter, Phantasma is back at it again with the statistics of a previous Elemental EX Battle Stage! (...drafters do collect stats, right?) We also got this neat image looking at all of the previous special challenge quests: Moon, Water, Fire, Star, and even the recent Conflux Battle Stage! In case you didn't know, all of these stages are Global-exclusive and not found in LostWord JP!

Geez Youmu, how come you get to have two battle stages?

When it comes to the clear rate, Water EX’s 17.30% is a bit less than Fire EX’s initial 24.39% but definitely higher than the first Moon EX bout of 8.84%. Would you be surprised if the Top 10 Most Used Friends were filled with great Water breakers like Minamitsu Murasa and R2 Yuyuko Saigyouji? B2 Junko tried sneaking her way in as well, that small space rascal! Strangely enough, you won’t find many Water-enhancing story cards in their top ranks, the slots instead being given to the usual bullet damage buffers…as well as The Witch of Scarlet Dreams. Can’t leave home without one.

We also have some stats for Star EX! Since she was recently released then, E1 Flandre Scarlet easily dominated the top ranks with her amazing Star breaks and similarly amazing everything-else-you-need. She was followed up by other great Star-breaking Festival and Ultra Festival Friends, along with B2 Junko in the 7th place slot again…peculiar. Story cards once again followed the pattern of either Spirit Power restoration or optimizing spell card damage.

The Water EX stats might have come in at a perfect time, considering Water EX is rerunning right now until June 24th! Perhaps use these stats to your advantage to come up with a strategy - and don’t forget about the guide! Team compositions that will help you win the battle are now included to help ensure a cool victory.

A Respite of Cards and Costumes

Let’s take a quick break from the numbers and have a small look at all of the recent 5* story cards! They’ve been coming in a rather larger bulk than usual recently, so you might have forgotten that some of them have even been added. They will definitely be added to the General Pool at a later date, but for now appreciate the art - and look at their stats if you haven’t already! Some of them deserve their 5* status, after all.

Personally, The Lunar War is my favorite of this set, mainly for its story! They're story cards, after all.

Speaking of looking back, the newest LostWord event, Yakumo’s Ambition, has been going on for a few days now! I won’t spoil the story for you - in fact, I find it hard since so much goes on in it! - and just link the event guide for those who need help learning about the event. For those of you who don’t know this and future events will be special, taking place over longer periods of time, such as this event’s 3-Part period! Part 2 will resolve the event story, while Part 3 will provide the usual Extra stages. But hey, if these events feature cute costumes such as these, then perhaps it’ll all be worth it in the end.

New Content: Near and Far

There are 3 main important content updates when it comes to this Dev Letter. Starting off with the earliest, Remilia EX will accompany E1 Sakuya’s release on July 17th! I guess that Sakuya’s hunt won’t last long when Remilia has a battle stage up to taunt her pursuer! This will be another form of challenge content, so except a guide on Gamepress very shortly. The 5* story card, Cleaning, will be exclusive to this content as well!

This card was made to be optimal with E1 Sakuya, who coincidentally is one of the best characters for this fight!

Up next is something that has been mentioned before, Hakugyoku Arena - Weekly! Releasing on June 24th, this (surprise, surprise) weekly content will have you form multiple teams to take on 4 waves of challenging enemies. It may be harder, but you’ll have a longer time to form your winning strategy and get the ever elusive Superior Incense Burners as a reward!

Last but not least is something that may appear exciting for any followers of the Main Story: Main Story Chapter 3.5! As always, the latest story content has left a lot of details on cliffhangers, so look forward to this story continuation on its expected release of July 1st.

A Rebirth of Fantastic Proportions

Fantasy Rebirths are going on stronger than ever, which can easily be seen from its latest update from June 10th! Not only are Ran Yakumo and Chen’s Fantasy Rebirth lines now available, but Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 has begun, providing more upgrade lines and potential for several Friends that already have Fantasy Rebirths! Click on the article below for more details on who got upgrades, as well as information on how much it costs to upgrade them!

Outside of that, the previous Fantasy Rebirth of mysterious ? entries has been updated to include those missing links, as you can see below! Coming up very shortly on June 17th is Fujiwara no Mokou, Kaguya Houraisan, and Eirin Yagokoro’s Fantasy Rebirths, followed up by 4 more Friends in both July and August! There’s only some small glimpses at the last 8, but you can appreciate the ones coming out soon below!

Mokou may be angry, but she looks absolutely stunning in her dress!

Hey, Kaguya! We're trying to get your picture, so stop napping! she used to this?

Eirin gets her own solar system in her rebirth! Is she a sage of planets other than the moon...?

Presents: Mailed and Bought

That’s enough game content for now, how about some items and goods? The Special 1st Anniversary 3x Daily Presents are still going on until the 24th, providing players free Superior Incense and Superior Incense Burners to increase Friends’ stats, plenty of materials, and even Seal Crystals! Use the guide below to keep up with the current present schedule, and don’t forget to login for them!

Sanae is excited at all the new presents she's receiving! Like you should be!

Hungry for even more items to overflow your inventory? Part 2 of the 1st Anniversary Packs are out from June 17th to July 15th with some God Crystals, Divine Paper Dolls, and even a Ring of Fate for the highest bidder! If that’s too much for you, the promising, cheaper Phantasma Pack has returned once more, including its usual Spirit Point and Crystal buffer along with the 5* story card, The Lunar War!

Special Campaigns and Roadmap

It wouldn’t be LostWord without one campaign going on, and luckily enough there’s a lot more than one coming soon! If we’re talking about ongoing campaigns, the 1st Anniversary Everyone Wins campaign is still going on strong, as you still have until July 15th to rack up 30 days of login completions for this event’s rewards of 600 God Crystals and 50 Seal Crystals! Additionally, you will get the opportunity to enter your email for a chance to win special figures and the R8 Youmu Konpaku Fumo, so remember to enter your email via the Event tab once you complete the 30-day requirement!

Another look at the R8 Youmu Fumo! Even when totally dark, she is totally cute!

Besides that, we’ve got 4 hot campaigns coming to the game on July 17th! The first one (getting its own special image) is the return of both +3 Mirror of Rebirth stage plays along with Limited Daily Quests for easy additional mirrors and materials! The other ones are on one image but are good in their own right, that being Drop Rate and Friend EXP x3 on story stages, 1/2 Spirit Point cost on battles, and up to 130 floors of Scarlet Devil Tower! The first two will end June 24th, but Scarlet Devil Tower’s floors will be around forever - as long as the tower is open, at least!

As usual, here’s a roadmap of the upcoming campaigns and events for the rest of June and early in July. It’s basically the same as everything listed above, but take note of the special login bonuses, such as a second part of the Yakumo’s Ambition event login!

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