Dev Letter #14 Recap

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Marisa EX

Of everyone that challenged Marisa (A6) EX, 33.19% of those cleared the stage. Congratulations!

Reimu (A6) drops in as the most popular Friend used in the Marisa (A6) EX stage, with Reimu (F1) and Iku (L1) as second and third respectively.

The Witch of Scarlet Dreams comes in as the most popular Spell Card in the Marisa (A6) EX stage, with Puppeteer and Necromancer and It’s Spring! as second and third respectively.

Fantasy Rebirths

Joining us on August 5th will be Star Sapphire and Luna Child with their Fantasy Rebirths and costumes!

On August 26th, Toyohime and Yorihime will also be joining the Fantasy Rebirth gang with their very own Fantasy Rebirths and costumes!

Announced in the Dev Letter is a brand new item called the “Blank Mirror of Rebirth”! It can be used for both Fantasy Rebirths and Bullet Enhancements. The item will not drop from any stages yet, however, it will be available within the shop as a part of a pack for now.

New filter feature for Fantasy Rebirth stages.

Quality of Life Changes

On top of these updates, the game engine will be receiving an update on August 5th. This will include the game undergoing a large update of approximately 1GB, but should not add to the total app size as it should just be replacing old files. The Remilia (Relic) story will also be moving to the “Special” tab on August 5th. This means that players will be able to receive another copy of Remilia’s Story Card from the stage because of this change.

Chapter 4 Act 1

Interlude Finale releasing on August 12th!

New Interlude Story Card: Stand-In Shrine Maiden (5*)

New Interlude Story Card: Kudryavka's Retirement (4*)

Chapter 4 Act 1 teaser image!

Marisa with a surfboard. What could she possibly be doing with a surfboard?

Some of the Chapter 4 Act 1 backgrounds.

Yukari, Reimu, Marisa, and Rinnosuke are in summer outfits, as they may appear in Chapter 4 Act 1.

Some more friends that appear in this chapter, such as Sanae, Reimu, and someone special?

New Chapter 4 Act 1 Story Card, Resort Stars (5*).

New Chapter 4 Act 1 Story Card, Chance Encounter (4*).

Boundary of Sand and Sea Yukari Yakumo (C3)

Yukari Yakumo's expression page.

Yukari Yakumo's stats page.

Yukari Yakumo (C3) joins us as our second-ever Epic-tier Friend. With her arrival also comes some powerful abilities, such as being able to remove up to 2 Seals from her entire party! It may come in super handy when attempting some of those challenging stages.

Check out the Official Touhou LostWord’s Twitter for Yukari’s wallpapers!

Misc. News

Chapter 4 Act 1 Countdown Login Bonus, includes 40x Epic Ritual Tickets and 35x Fortune Dust!

New Reimu (L1) EX Boss Challenge, from 8/5 to 8/26!

Reimu (L1) EX Story Card, Tropico Fantasia! (5*).

Event News

The Spring Festival of Swords event will be receiving a rerun from August 5th to August 19th! As an exciting bonus, an Epic Paper Doll will be available in the event shop for purchase once with 150 Rare Points! Along with the event comes new costumes for Satori, Flandre, Okina, and Ichirin!

New Satori costume.

New Flandre costume.

New Okina costume.

Ichirin Kumoi (L1)

A new Friend, Ichirin Kumoi (L1)!

Ichirin Kumoi will be joining the roster of available Friends as our newest L1 character! Available from August 5th to August 12th, be sure to pick her up! With Ichirin’s release will also come a brand new costume for her!

New Ichirin costume!

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Event News!

Reimu and Marisa's New Years' Costumes making a rerun!

Event Points and Rare Points drop changes. Those costumes really do put the "value" in the word val-... nevermind.

Another brand new item, My First Exchange Ema! You can use the Ema in the Prayer tab to summon your favourite Friend, as long as they’re from the L1 universe. In the future, the Ema will be able to be used from outside of the Prayer menu. The Ema will be available as a login bonus from August 5th. It will also be available in the shop as part of a pack.

Everyone Wins Campaign! makes a return until September 9th, 23:59 UTC!

Kourindou Roulette reminder. Please do not forget about Rinnosuke; you don’t want to make him sad.

The Relic Paper Disk, used to upgrade the new MV Friends, will be added to new events starting from August 19th for 100 Rare Points!

  • Summer Sale Pack (August 3rd to August 5th) for $7.99 USD
    • 600 God Crystals
    • 50 Seal Crystals
    • 15,000 Spirit Points
    • 15,000 Coins
    • Good or Evil (5*) Story Card
  • Festival Summer Sale Pack: Koishi A11 for $14.99 USD
    • 1,332 God Crystals
    • 1 Paper Doll

This pack will only be available for 48 hours!

Limited Banners

Special 48-hour Toyohime and Yorihime Ascending Step-Up banner. On Step 5, Toyohime and/or Yorihime are guaranteed.

3 Prayers on an A-Universe Prayer for 300 God Crystals each, available for the month of August!


Live With Phantasma

Come join us on Discord on August 7th for a special Live With Phantasma Q&A session!

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