Dev Letter #16 Recap

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Fantasy Rebirth News

Please welcome Seiren and Reisen—not Reisen—to the Fantasy Rebirth Club! They will be joining the ranks on October 4th. Also coming on October 4th is the Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 update for Sakuya, Patchouli, Yuyuko, Reisen (not Reisen), Eirin, Mokou, and Byakuren.

Capsule-Crazy Gensokyo Event News

The Relic Paper Disk is available once more for 100 Rare P! Be sure to snag this deal to upgrade your MV Friends.

A small reminder that the event is still going on for 3 more days! Be sure to grind out the event for a Relic Disc with 100 Rare Points, the 5* Story Card 'Sporadically Margaret', and a Divine Paper Doll at 500,000 points!

New event costumes for Akyuu and Sumireko, along with Kosuzu's matching, existing costume.

New event costumes for Lyrica, Merlin, Lunasa, and Raiko.

Scarlet Devil Tower News

The Scarlet Devil Tower will get another extension to its floors, reaching all the way to floor 200! Be sure to grind these floors out for a sneak peek at some characters to come and to obtain rewards, such as Divine Paper Dolls!

Guaranteed Ritual & Standard Prayer Pool Update

Yamame Kurodani, Parsee Mizuhashi, and Ichirin are getting added to the Guaranteed Ritual and Exchange Ema pool! Byakuren Hijiri and Yuyuko Saigyouji are getting added to the Standard Prayer pool as well.

Everybody Loves Statistics

Over the span of her release, The Witch of Scarlet Dreams has managed to smack down players 197,794 times on 2-7-2. On an unrelated note, that's only 62,300 more than the number of players with Cirno in their party!

One player has managed to amass a grand total of 167 Paper Dolls at once, with another managing to farm 1,836 Rare Points. That's an unnecessary amount of both!

Loyal Elemental Magician Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli Knowledge, from the E1 universe, makes her appearance! As a skilled magician for the Mistress, Remilia, Patchouli deals great damage while supplying an ample amount of barrier breaks.

Compendium of Advanced Magic Koakuma

Koakuma follows Patchouli's release as she proves her worth with utility that makes her fit in any team! With powerful breaks to boot, Koakuma is surely one to look out for!

2 Million Downloads Celebration

Throughout the course of 9/27 to 10/31, a whole bunch of free gifts will be given out, including a free Guaranteed Friend Festival. It seems that the Festival will also include A-Universe Friends, judging by the appearance of A8 Reisen.

Misc News

One time packs.
$0.99 for 24 God Crystals, 50 Seal Crystals, and 15,000 Coins.
$4.99 for 134 God Crystals and 300 Gold Materials.

More one time packs.
$9.99 for 304 God Crystals and 1 Paper Doll
$19.99 for 632 God Crystals and 3 Paper Dolls
$39.99 for 1,332 God Crystals, 1 Divine Paper Doll, and 1 Paper Doll


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