Dev Letter #24 Recap

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Welcome to the 24th iteration of the Lost Word Dev Letter. Coming fresh from the swimsuit-clad Scarlet sisters, there are sure to be some spicy details abound!


Not only are there multiple free rolls for the C3 Scarlet sisters, but we also get other login bonuses like Everybody wins which gives God Cubes and a chance for freebies, as well as rituals which can guarantee a free A-universe friend as well as an Ultra Festival friend.

A new manga event has been released, so come and enjoy the third iteration of the theater!

Quality of Life updates and Future Features

Buff Removals are now a mechanic in the game, and they will be seen more frequently in Arena, Tower, and Divergent Spirits.

SP cut has been introduced to the game, where you can dynamically adjust character stats to reduce their SP cost, as well as a UI update to show what dolls are needed for their respective characters.


A new event, called Club Old Desire: Consultation Crew has been announced! With new costumes for L1 Flandre Scarlet, Okina Matara, and Satori Komeiji, we also get some goodies like a free Divine Paper Doll, Relic Paper Disk, and some cool cards to boot!

A rerun of the Vs. L1 Letty fight with Infinity Garden returning as a card.

Brand new tower floors have been introduced with floor 280 opening up on June 30th.

Farmers, weep with joy! The 72 hour Drop Quest has come back, and with full force.

A roadmap of things to come with LW!


A rerun of both C3 Marisa Kirisame and C3 Reimu Hakurei

A rerun banner of E1 Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling

B3 Kutaka Niwatari has been revealed alongside a new 4 ☆ card called Impregnable Defense. As a Technical character, she can support Yin nukers with both buffs and debuffs, as well inflict Burn anomalies to either enable Yin nukers further, or help set up for Full Breaks.

Fantasy Rebirth

Future Fantasy Rebirths have been revealed! Not only does B3 Sakuya Izayoi and Youmu Konpaku get their rebirths on June 2nd, but we get some future Fantasy Rebirths teased for us! The Aki sisters get theirs on June 9th, L1 Raiko Horikawa and Nemuno Sakata have theirs dated on June 23rd, and the Prismriver sisters show a teaser which will be fully released on July 14th.


140 free draws are being offered! May this Goddess may have mercy on you, for she might not be as forgiving as she seems!

A trial quest to test out Sanae for yourself has also been released alongside her.

F1 Sanae Kochiya has been announced! Alongside a brand new 5 ☆ card called Divine Spirit Tajikarao, both are very appealing options! With Sanae offering powerful breaks as well as Rank II buffs for the party and the card offering a whopping party 0.8P and 3 levels of CRIT ATK for the party for 2 turns, the banner shapes up to be a very strong banner.

A week after F1 Sanae Kochiya's release, we also will get a new Divergent Spirit stage against B3 Hecatia. With Incident Shrine being made for Sanae in particular, she is bound to be a powerful option for the stage itself! Be prepared, as the stage is oriented around Earth, Metal, and Star.


A party 0.4 Spirit Power card which also provides some additional CRIT ACC. Not particularly powerful, but can have a strong niche.

50% Ofuda up and a party wide +2 Yin ATK makes this a powerful card for Ofuda wielding friends, as well as supporting Yin nukers to boot just like our good old friend F1 Sanae!

Chapter 4 Act 4 has been announced to come out on June 9th! Alongside the teaser, here are some funky images of future characters to be seen in the story below.

Those were some nice characters to see, right? I'm personally excited for Lunasa's new set of clothes... or Merlin's lack thereof. That said, there are new cards that will drop alongside this story update! See what they do below:


Narumi gets added to the Divergent Spirit Ritual pool!

A brand new Live Stage with Phantasma is scheduled on June 13th, alongside Caroline and a new face called Michael!

The NextNinja crew will be in AnimeExpo 2023 on July 1st! Be sure to drop by to say hello, watch their QnA, and all the fun things.

For those interested, you can send questions over to NextNinja for them to answer in the event!