Dev Letter #31 Recap

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Welcome everyone to the February 2024 Dev Letter, the 31st one to be specific, with Phantasma and Michael here to give us the Happy News! Actually, should we call it Lucky News this time? Anyways, as usual, we have a campaign post where for every 500 Reposts, we will all get 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins, and there will be no limit to them too, coming after the February 15th Maintenance!

Now for those who are feeling lucky, we have some news to go over, from another trip to the beach, to some good luck, to more!

Valentine's Season and Butaotome!

To start off, we have 500 Mirrors of Rebirth we get for free during the special Valentine's Day that is February 14th, as well as a bunch of presents from February 8th-22nd, also including Mirrors of Rebirth, Books for the Dojo, and a Ring of Fate!

Meanwhile, We recently had a JP Live Stream featuring Ranko from Butaotome, and alongside a reminder of the music they have worked on for LostWord, as well as yet another Repost Campaign, but this time, there will be only 2 winners with LostWord merchandise autographed by Butaotome. Participants will have to follow the THLW Global account on Twitter / X, and reply to that post and tell their favourite Butaotome Track!

E9 Remilia Scarlet presents to us 500 Nameless Mirrors of Rebirth!

2 Weeks' worth of Valentine's Season Goods, such as Nameless Mirrors of Rebirth and a Ring of Fate!

The Last JP Live Stream featuring Ranko from Butaotome! Speaking of which, we have a reminder of all the music Butaotome have worked on:
LostWord Chronicle, Blue Goodbyes, Silver Gale, Night-Splitting Light, Karma Speed, Reminiscence Love and Dream of the Demon World!

Repost Campaign where 2 lucky winners can get LostWord memorabilia autographed by Butaotome!

Here is also a link to Butaotome answering Questions from the Global playerbase for Touhou LostWord!

Remember to turn the Subtitles/Closed Captions option on to English below:

Count Your Lucky Stars!

Coming in just days from this Dev Letter is a new feature known as the Luck System! From Luck Drops, to Luck Enhancement, to even Luck Story Cards, I guess you could say February 15th is our...Lucky Day!

To learn more about this Feature, you can click on the link to the article below to learn more:

Introducing the Luck System!

Certain stages will be eligible for Luck Drops in the future, as shown with a pink clover icon!

How these Luck Drops will appear once they come up, which have higher chances of occurring with higher luck!

There are three ways to increase your Friends' Luck: A duplicate Friend (+5), their corresponding Paper Doll/Disk (+5) or a brand new material, a Lucky Mirror (+1)!

Once a Friend reaches the Lucky Limit of 100, 2 Luck Drops will be guaranteed!

And with this new feature comes a new Story Card! In the case of this one, titled "It's Just As I Heard", it comes with a 50% Metal Boost when MLBd, but all the other stats and effects will be random. The Luck has carried over to these cards' effects and stats as well!

Content, Campaigns, and Quality of Luck?

We aren't fully done with the Lucky News yet! With its introduction, we have some Prayer Rate adjustments that favour Friends and 5★ Story Cards, as well as a Luck Release Celebration Campaign featuring rewards including Lucky Mirrors, 5 Free Lucky Mirrors as a special present, a Daily 5 Free Prayers Celebration which will last for a whole month, and some Lucky Mirror Packs!

An adjustment in Prayer Rates with the addition of the Luck System!

A Luck Celebration Release Campaign, including rewards such as Lucky Mirrors, Paper Dolls, Coins and more!

Remember to claim 5 Free Lucky Mirrors in your mailbox after the next maintenance is over!

Every day for 30 days, all players get 5 Daily Free Prayers as part of the Luck Celebration!

And of course, we have some Lucky Mirror Packs for those willing to go above and beyond for more luck!

Meanwhile, we have a brand new event that has indeed maid its way to us! Featuring Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and Seija Kijin in their maid costumes as well as an introduction to new costumes for Rumia, Daiyousei, Cirno and Ibaraki-Douji's Arm.

To see the event trailer for this big...or small(?) adventure, click on it below!

Armed and ready are 4 new costumes that have also maid their mark with an Event Point/Rare Event Point Bonud alongside the introduction of this brand new event!

Accompanied with a tiny but welcome Quality of Life update regarding the Buddy System's Loading Screen taking less time, we also have a detailed roadmap of a lot more content to look forward to, both new and returning, including Scarlet Devil Tower, VS Divergent Spirits, Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy, and more!

As well as the aforementioned event, more content is pitching in! Remember when there was a poll in the YouTube comments section that would decide which Elemental EX stage would be the next one coming? Well the winner of that was No-Element EX, with an unannounced date, but we'll be seeing who is in their, um, element for this very stage!

We also have yet another installment to Chapter 4 Act 3 EX, our 4th one to be exact! Remember the "more content is pitching in!" part? Well let's just say the baseball companion of the karakasa-obake on the beach is now heading our way...

A plethora of other content to look forward to included in this roadmap, including some we will get to later. For now, we also have:
VS Divergent Spirits: Eirin (L1) and Junko (L1) (Feb. 15th-22nd)
"Moonlit Festival" added to Reimu's Great Exorcism (Feb. 15th)
Limited Daily EXP Quest (Feb. 15th-Mar. 1st))

And Much More, including new VS Divergent Spirits Stages!

Going from 3-5 seconds of loading time to 1 second will be the loading time of the Buddy System Loading Screen!

Look forward to a new Elemental EX Stage, ironically titled No-Element EX!

Another month, another EX Stage installment of the Island of 8 coming on February 15th! But who is heading our way this time!

New Friends Head-ing Our Way!

If the puns above didn't give it away, we have a new Epic Friend that is Sekibanki (Beach Dullahan)! With a whole baseball team consisting of all her floating detached heads, she is a Speed-Class Friend with a huge 55% damage increase of resisted bullets, takes advantage of self-inflicted anomalies, various Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs, 188% Slice Scaling and Rank II Agility, she is sure to make heads roll!

It may come as no surprise to some that this Prayer has a limited Story Card titled Summer Monster!

Available from February 15th to March 1st will be a new variant of Sekibanki!

Surprise! Our new Sekibanki comes with a new Story Card with some awesome effects!

The Voice Actors of our new Sekibanki:
Voice 1: Wakuno Aika
Voice 2: Ike Chisako
Voice 3: Kanno Mai

So let's divert our attention to the VS Divergent Spirits Stage that is Kogasa Tatara (C3)! Because of the introduction of the Luck System, not only do we have a new Story Card titled Fear The Tropical Nine! that is available from both clearing specific difficulty levels and from Drops (as well as Luck Drops now), but this stage also comes with a new Story Card titled "It's Just Like I Heard", available through Luck Drops only. This has its guaranteed 50% Metal Boost effect, with all other stats and effects being completely random.

Surprise! VS Divergent Spirits presents a new stage that is Kogasa Tatara (C3) that we can all bat an eye to!

Remember when L80 Yuyuko Saigyouji surprised us all last time following the footsteps of L80 Reimu Hakurei (Karma Speed)? Well in similar fashion, we have yet another Relic Friend to look forward to on February 22nd lasting until March 8th being Kasen Ibaraki (PHANTOM PAIN)!

We also have yet another Ruins of Memory story alongside her release, which grants a copy of the PHANTOM PAIN Story Card.

Speaking of this card though, remember that roadmap slide from earlier? You may have noticed a teaser of this very card alongside a new VS Divergent Spirits stage one may not be familiar with, being Ibaraki-Douji's Arm (L1). This also lasts the same time as our new Kasen's Prayer!

Another Friend to look forward to, following the "head" honcho of the beach! Kasen Ibaraki (PHANTOM PAIN) will be ready to lend a hand on February 22nd! No Phantom Pain, no Phantom Gain!

Specifically designed for our new Kasen, the PHANTOM PAIN Story Card has a 50% Boost in both Sun elemental bullets and Slash bullet types, as well as a team CRIT Accuracy boost for ATK-Class Units. A certain vampire hunter approves of this Sun+Slash combo...

Final Dash of News!

We have just a new more bits and pieces of Lucky News to go over before we reach the end point!

Firstly, there will be a Discord Campaign pertaining to the Buddy System where players under level 65 can create a post in their dedicated thread (with a screenshot). Players over level 65 can also share their own profile in any above posts to allow new player to find more buddies!

There are also 3 milestones being 300, 600 and 1000 Players, with a collective reward total to all being 1000 Blank Mirrors of Rebirth, 5 Lucky Mirrors and a Material Pack!

And finally, we have a way for New Players to get more stuck into the game! Introducing the Start Dash Guaranteed Prayers coming on February 15th! By logging in 10, 20 and 30 Days, newbies will have the opportunity to get themselves an Ultra Festival, Relic and Epic Friend of their choice respectively! To learn more about these Guaranteed Prayers, you can click on the link to the article below:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
Who's the luckiest of them all?
With many Mirrors of Rebirth and Lucky Mirrors as part of the milestones, which 10 people of the many participants will be the lucky few to receive even more Mirrors?

Start Dash Guaranteed Prayers for New Players, including 3 Divine Paper Dolls, 3 Relic Paper Disks and 3 Epic Paper Dolls gained just by logging in!


And that is all for this lucky Dev Letter! Here's to more Happy News in the future, and maybe some Lucky News too, but with that said, thank you as always to those continuing to support Touhou LostWord!