Dev Letter #4 Recap

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It's just about half-anni time, and NextNinja dropped a bunch of news on us just ahead of it! In case you didn't watch the stream or just want a quick recap of what all happened, read on. If you'd rather watch the whole thing for yourself, check it out here!

New Event

LostWord's next event is coming up on 10/29, and this time around, it's halloween themed! But what an odd duo - a vampire and a minor youkai, collaborating? Well, Remilia's always been one to value novelties over all else... If you don't know who Rumia is, don't worry! We'll have a cast guide up for the event.

If that's not enough spooky action for you, the event will also have an Extra, starting 11/5. Prepare for some frightening foes and tasty treats!

New General Banner

For you Rumia fans out there, you don't have to wait very long to add her to your team either - there will be a new banner launching soon, with both Koakuma and Rumia available for rate up!

New Free Costume

Managed to grab Koakuma? There's a free costume coming out for her too in this next event - isn't it perfect for Halloween? As a reminder, you don't need to own Koakuma to pick this up, and the costume will provide the bonus points for the event simply for owning it.

It's super cute. Almost spookily cute. Plus, her expressions... Which of the Koakuma faces are you? I'm the one on the top left.

New Fantasy Rebirth

Reisen Udongein Inaba and Sanae Kochiya are next up to get Fantasy Rebirths! Reisen looks really cool, about to blast off into space, and Sanae's looking real cute too. 

As a reminder, Yukari Yakumo and Kasen Ibaraki will also be getting a Fantasy Rebirth with the upcoming maintenance. As always, this will come with Login Bonuses for bonus mirrors, so make sure not to miss it!

Half Anniversary Countdown Campaigns

Half Anniversary is coming up, and as any gacha game player knows, that means it's time for some rewards! In the days leading up to it, the Kourindou Roulette will be renewed: the pool will be expanded to include all characters released up to September 12th - this means up to the Tsukumo sisters, as shown by the image above. Don't know how the Kourindou Roulette works, or just want a refresher? Click here for a guide!

Additionally, there will be tripled School EXP From 10/29 to 11/5, a Daily Present from 10/29 to 11/10 (so check your ingame mail daily! They're total surprises. Even we don't know what's in them!), and a Login Bonus from 11/1 to 11/11. On stream, when mentioning the daily presents, Phantasma reminisced about accidentally giving everyone Bronze skill books instead of Gold. Wound up being a nice gift retroactively too, thanks to the new feature that lets you burn skill books for faster training. 

Lastly, The Heat of My Fingertips will be added as a BGM CD from a new Login Bonus. Click here to check it out!

...You know, Phantasma really likes using Sanae for these slides, doesn't he? I can't blame him, she's super energetic and cute. Maybe Sanae was his favorite all along, not Yuyuko. Perhaps we'll see him use a Sanae avatar in the future? 

New Gameplay Mode

A new gameplay mode, the Hakugyoku Arena (yes, the same one from Chapter 3!) will be added to the game as well, quote Phantasma, "very soon." We'll have a full guide up to it in the coming days, but for now, here's the short version: It's a once per day game mode where you take on four waves of enemies, in exchange for new Silver Incense Wood which lets you upgrade your units even further. This game mode is available every single day, unlike the tower which is time limited, and features a new fight each day as well.

New Ultra Festival

A new Ultra Festival is upon us, this time featuring the Tiny Ghost Mistress from the world of Chapter 3. Cute and smug at the same time, what a dangerous combination. This festival will start with the next maintenance. We'll have more info up on her soon, but as fitting Halloween, she's powerful (and cute) enough that it's kinda scary. 

She's just so cute as well...which of her expressions are your favorite? I'm personally a fan of bottom left. 

Her Spell Card BGM CD will also be added in a new Login Bonus.

New MV - Yuyuko Disco

Lastly, we also have a new MV, with another LostWord x Yumemey collaboration - in which the little ghost lord shows off her culinary skills! Caroline said it was so cute she could watch it every day, and I can't blame her, it's utterly adorable. Check it out below!

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