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Hello Friends! Phantasma and Caroline are back again for a big batch of news announcements for the last week of March and the start of April for Touhou LostWord Global! And if you think that last time was a lot of information, then these two will just keep trying to show that there is always more to come! As always, this article summary had to cut out some of the news shown (though it is mostly game recap), so you can watch the Dev Letter above for anything we missed! Getting the news read out loud might be more fun anyway, if only I could read this recap to you out to you as well...

Just as the thumbnail states, there was a Retweet goal on the Official LostWord Twitter to reach 2,000 Retweets for 30 free rolls after the Dev Letter! Of course that goal was blown out of the water, so remember to log in soon for those goodies as well!

Music Video Projects

Active NEETs and Itō Kanako return for a collab on the music video Boundary of Time, as the newest addition to the Lost Word MV project. Alongside it, is a rather special EDM cover of Lost Word Chronicle, by Frozen Starfall in German!

Make sure to check out the artist’s other covers if you’re interested, as both have a large catalog of excellent Touhou arrangements, as a personal recommendation.

Upcoming Prayer Information

We’ll also have some friends returning on rerun banners. A Lunar War Gardener and Servant Ultra Festival prayer, from March 24th to March 31st, as well as Reimu Hakurei (Scarlet) and Marisa Kirisame (Scarlet) on a Festival Banner, from March 24th to April 3rd! These are all incredibly powerful friends, and if you weren’t able to pick them up the first time around, this is a great chance! Information about these 4 Friends can be found below.

We also heard about the prospect of a Special Limited Seal Crystal Banner in early April, so look forward to what that entails!

Standard Prayer Update

At long last, as hinted at by Phantasma last Dev Letter, Clownpiece has joined the standard prayer pool, alongside Mai and Satono. If you were saving your Guaranteed Friend rituals for one of them, now is your time!

A Glimpse From the Inside

For a little bit of fun, some in-game statistics were collected regarding the still ongoing Forever Prayer to account for who was welcomed the most. Naturally, the top 5 is solely limited Festival Friends, with Iku Nagae at the top.

With the great amount of community interaction that was sparked from the Moon EX Battle Stage completion (mainly seen within the Official LostWord Discord), many statistics regarding the stage were collected! Along with the actual stats of unique challenges, clears, and the clear rate are the Friends and Story Cards used the most during the stage. Yorihime’s B3 incarnation was just shy from the top 3, in which the General Prayer Youmu Konpaku and Medicine Melancholy (who is always a free poison anomaly breaker) dominated! Spirit P Story Cards such as Witch of Scarlet Dreams and Midnight Tea are always practical, as well as Mysterious Sword Master.

And speaking of Moon EX, don’t forget about the ongoing Fire EX Battle Stage and Fire Elemental Festival! Check the links below for helpful information on how to tackle the stage. As for other new content…

Upcoming Content: EX and Costumes

I know for a fact that the first part of Hifuu EX’s Bm3 left me at a rather harsh cliffhanger, but fortunately that won’t last for long with Hifuu LostWord EX1 Code Bm3 Finale coming out on March 24th! The Dev Letter itself went over the characters who have appeared so far, such as the special Watatsuki sisters, as well as characters who will appear, but for the sake of spoilers those images will not be included. A sense of mystery is this story’s strong suit, isn’t it?

Something I can say regarding Hifuu, however, is Seiran and Ringo’s new costumes based on their Hifuu appearances that will be released on the same day. Join Reisen Udongein Inaba and go on a rabbit conquest with an assortment of megaphone and saxophone guns!

Lastly regarding new content are these collections of 5 costumes for Sakuya Izayoi, Watatsuki no Yorihime, Youmu Konpaku, Yuyuko Saigyouji, and Tenshi Hinanawi! They all appear to be from a set for a future event, as they are being released simultaneously on March 31st. Based on the bunny ears…I’m betting on a late Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

Fantasy Rebirth

Speaking of new costumes, Sunny Milk and Lily White's Fantasy Rebirth costumes were revealed and Mirror of Rebirth grinding will be available starting March 24th! Prepare your maxed out Sunny Milks (which I know some of you have) to make her and the fairy of Spring even stronger alongside some nice Flowergirl aesthetics!

Additionally, the next batch of Fantasy Rebirths for Daiyousei and Cirno are planned to be released on April 21st! The STRONGEST doesn't really need the extra power, but it would help I suppose. 

Login Bonuses and Campaigns

The celebration for 1 Million Unique Downloads started around a week ago, but the campaigns regarding it are still in full swing! First off, the Everyone Wins Campaign makes a return, granting players who log in after clearing the Prologue (if you haven’t done so already) for 30 days from March 16th until April 28th a grand reward of 300 God Crystals and a Divine Paper Doll! Since it’s only the 22nd of March, it is very possible for anyone to get these important gifts!

The 1 Million Download Login Bonus is still ongoing, including rewards such as a Divine Paper Doll Day 1 and some special 5* Story Cards. However, a campaign that will begin shortly on Twitter from March 24th to April 1st is the 1 Million Download Appreciation Retweet Campaign! Some official LostWord merchandise is up for grabs, so definitely check their Official Twitter if you are interested.

Lastly, I feel like we forgot about something…oh yeah, the beginning of Spring! Fortunately, a certain Spring fairy never forgot unlike me and is providing joy through the Haru Desu Yo Login Bonus Part 2 from March 31st to April 21st. This time around, you can obtain Lily White on Day 1, 3 more It’s Spring! story cards Days 2, 5, and 10, and even a Ring of Fate on Day 15! Thanks, Lily White! Even if your whole Spring hype got overrun by the 1 Million Download celebration…

Special Prayer Opportunities

While there might not be any new Friends coming in, we still have a good amount of special Prayer events to look forward to! First off is the return of 72-Hour Starter Festival Prayers. These begin once a player has completed the Prologue and feature 6 different Festival Friends available for three 10-pull chances for a reduced cost of 300 God Crystals! The Friends featured are shown below, with powerful options featured on both Parts.

Alongside this is a gift to the community, free 10-pulls for the next 3 days starting…now!! Log in daily from March 22nd to March 24th for a free 10-pull opportunity! No Festival Friends are up for grabs this time, but 3 Fire-related General Friends have Rate-UP: Fujiwara no Mokou, Utsuho Reiuji, and Koakuma! These are definitely some solid options if you need more help on Fire EX, which is ending on March 31st if you still haven’t gotten to it.

Furthermore, the specifics for Kourindou Roulette’s Renewal have been revealed! The roulette will return from March 25th to April 30th, allowing for a minimum of 190 guaranteed pulls, with even more if you are lucky! The roulette pulls has been updated to include every General Pool Friend released up to February 28th.

Finally, Forever Prayer Lite is still ongoing…for only 2 more days though! Remember your chances by considering the Forever Prayer Guide below, unless you have been super unlucky. Or maybe you’re already gotten who you wanted, up to you.


Last but not least are a grand total of 3 Roadmaps this time around: 1 for Events and 2 outlining next month’s currently planned campaigns. I guess this spoils the Event-related joke that I made earlier…

Use these graphs to refer to any of the future events discussed today, especially if the great amount of differing dates have already escaped your memory!


Me after reading the lore of the Bm3 universe, available now on Touhou LostWord for mobile devices

What are you most excited about for Dev Letter #9?



What are you most excited about for Dev Letter #9?

Reruns + Future Limited Prayer
Ritual Update (Mai, Satono, Clownpiece)
BM3 Finale
Upcoming Event
Sunny Milk and Lily White Fantasy Rebirth
New Campaigns (1 Million Downloads and Haru Desu Yo 2)
Special Prayers (72 Hour and Kourindou Roulette)
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