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Introducing: Luck!

Need more luck? Boy do I have news for you.

Dev Letter #31 included the announcement of the Luck System, a way to twist fate using your favourite Friends! This new mechanic expands the utility Friends offer to you, allowing their presence to influence outcomes in your favour.

What is the Luck System?

Michael and Phantasma has provided a detailed explanation of the Luck System in the Dev Letter linked below. For a summary of the Luck System, keep reading on!

The Luck Stat

The Luck System

Moving forward, a new stat known as Luck will be added to your Friends. This stat will be available to upgrade separately as soon as your Friend has been Max Limit Broken.

This stat comes into play when you see a stage containing the symbol above. All stages with this symbol provide players with a Luck Drop Chance. These drops show up on your Quest Reward Screen with an additional icon, like in the image below. The higher your Luck, the more chances you have of a drop!

Each point of Luck represents an additional percentage point of seeing a Luck Drop in a stage. Here's an example:

Let's say you bring in L1 Reimu Hakurei to a stage with Luck Drop Chance. Let's say that your Reimu currently has 50 Luck. This means that there's a 50% chance for every battle to contain a Luck Drop!

You can also bring in more than one Friend into a party with Luck. This increases the number of drops you can get from a stage, capping out at 6 Friends allowing you to collect up to 6 drops per stage.

The Luck Stat influences the chance of Luck Drops.

How do I enhance my Friends' Luck?

Use items and duplicate Friends to enhance their Luck

All new Friends start with a base Luck stat of 5. Friends you currently possess will receive the base 5 Luck and +5 luck per Limit Break they have completed. This means that a level 100 Friend with all Limit Breaks completed will start at 25 luck after the Luck update goes live.

There are three ways to increase a Friend's Luck. Each of these methods provide a different sized boost to your Friend, included in the table below.

Enhancing Luck
Method Luck Added
Using a duplicate of the same Friend you want to enhance +5 + Any Luck already on the duplicate Friend
Using a Paper Doll, Divine Paper Doll, Relic Paper Disk, or Epic Paper Doll matching your Friend's Limit Break type +5
Using a Lucky Mirror +1 per mirror

Lastly, if you enhance a Friend all the way to 100 Luck, not only do you now have a 100% Luck Drop Chance, but also a 2nd Luck Drop. This bonus also caps out, with 6 Friends at 100 Luck giving you 12 drops total.

100% = 200%. Quick maffs.

Maximising your Luck stat won't affect your Friend in any other way. They'll still hit as hard as they used to...except now more items come falling out of your opponents. Ka-ching!

Speaking of items...

Luck Story Cards

Are you feeling Lucky yet?

Alongside regular drops, players will also have the chance to acquire a new type of Story Card through Luck Drops. Aptly named Luck Story Cards, these cards possess the following characteristics:

  • Luck Story Cards of the same type come with a predetermined 1st Ability.
  • All cards within this type have a randomly determined max Stat, as well as random 2nd and 3rd Abilities.
  • These cards are strengthened the same way regular Story Cards are.
  • All Luck Story Cards of the same type can be used to Limit Break each other, even if their randomized Stats and Abilities differ

This provides players a new source of cards from which they may wish to try collecting the best combinations of Abilities and Stats. Consider hunting these down when you have the chance.

Luck Drops will be available in the upcoming VS Divergent Spirits quest that arrives on Feb 15. Look forward to seeing these being made available more often in future!

Prayer Rate Adjustments

Look forward to seeing more rainbow animations in your prayers moving forward!

Although this isn't part of the Luck System, we thought we'd give this a special mention! For the first time ever, Touhou LostWord is getting Prayer Rate Adjustments! Quite simply, players can look forward to seeing higher-quality pulls in their Prayers from here on!

These changes are included below:

Drop Type Previous Rate New Rate
Friends 5% 7.5%
☆5 Story Cards 10% 15%
☆4 Story Cards 40% 35%
☆3 Story Cards 45% 42.5%

Looking for more advice?

As of now, there's still a lot we have yet to find out about Luck Drops, including the kind of effects Luck Story Cards have, stat ranges for cards and more! Fortunately, 

the Discord Official Discord Server is a great place for players to collect and share this information. Be sure to check in to see how you can maximise the Luck System to your benefit.

Good Luck Players!

Looking for a summary of Dev Letter #31? Click the link below!

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