New in LostWord: Epic Friends and Epicer New Content! (June 24th)

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The biggest update that came with the June 24th maintenance may seem to be the new Epic Friend, F1 Reimu Hakurei, but are you sure that you haven’t missed anything else new in LostWord? Fortunately for you, this article is here to keep you up-to-date on the latest changes and added content! There may be something special at the end if you read far enough…

…or just skip to the last section of the article. I won’t judge. Probably.

Epic Reimu and Current Prayers

Of course, the easiest way to begin is with F1 Reimu Hakurei’s Epic Prayer. (No, she is not an Epic Festival Friend. Just plain Epic.) Her prayer was announced at the Live With Phantasma event, which occurs at the LostWord Official Discord, linked here if you want to catch any future ones! 

Unlike previous Friend types, Epic Friends do not have any Exchange Point value, meaning there is no “spark,” or guarantee to obtain them. It is a slight risk to fully devote to pulling, but it’s a consequence for her being the strongest Friend in the game by far at the time of writing. To mitigate the removal of exchanging, you are able to get up to 130 free prayers via rituals from performing basic tasks and logging in! Both her Should You Pull and instructions on the rituals are linked below.

But of course, it’s important to remember that Reimu isn’t the only Featured Friend - and Prayer - at this time. Story Card Collection has returned from a month ago with a new selection of 5* story cards and the same halved 10-pull price! On top of that, you still have A10 Kanako Yasaka with Kogasa Tatara and E1 Sakuya Izayoi’s prayers ongoing if you still want to pull for them. Their Should You Pull articles are linked below as well.

Yakumo’s Ambition EX and Second Exchange Shop Refresh!

It might have slipped your mind due to being a 3-part event, but Yakumo’s Ambition EX stages have just been released! The event may be long, but don’t forget to do this Extra for some extra event points and Seal Crystals! Clearing EX is easier this time around thanks to the 6x challenges for Extra compared to the usual 3! 

In addition, due to being a 3-parter, the Exchange Shop has been updated with more goodies once more! The current Event Guide on Gamepress still has to update the current third batch of available items, so please wait warmly. Either way, this should be a great way to burn the extra Event Points gained from farming the event extensively!

Standard Prayer Pool Update

Along with the new prayers are some newer-oldish Friends thanks to the Guaranteed Ritual and Standard Prayer Pool Update! The new General Friends that can now be pulled elsewhere are Nazrin and Mononobe no Futo, while the added 5* story cards include Our Dream, Serene Sage, The Lunar War, and Mansion of Memories.

Drop Rate Boosts

While relatively minor, the Daily Quest Drop Rate x3 is always a good way to obtain some extra silver and potentially gold materials from the Daily Quest stages! If that doesn’t satisfy you, then perhaps the Main Story and Hifuu LostWord Friend EXP and Drop Rate x3 extension to July 8th will tickle your fancy more.

Star EX Rerun Until July 1st!

This rerunning Elemental EX Battle Stage is on a hotter time limit. Instead of the usual 2 weeks these events last, this one will only be around for 1 week! Make sure to not miss out on clearing this stage if you can, as the Myouren Temple Anniversary story card is potentially one of the best in the game! Refer to the guide below for any help regarding this challenge content.

Weekly Hagugyoku Arena

Now for some new challenging content, players can challenge the Weekly Hagugyoku Arena! Here, you will face 4 different Arena challenges with the opportunity to swap teams for each challenge! The goal is not only to clear the stages, but get a high score by minimizing the amount of times you have to attack, Graze, or the amount of Fallen Friends. A higher difficulty boosts score as well!

The Weekly Arena resets every Monday at 0:00 UTC, or on daily reset. After getting a high score, you will receive Arena P that can be used in an exchange shop to obtain Superior Incense and Superior Incense Burners, two important items related to enhancing your Friends beyond their limits! Do note, newer players, that you must clear Chapter 3 Act 1 before being able to use Arena facilities.

Quick Warning! This page from the LostWord Global Website has an error. You lose two points every attack performed after the FIFTH, not the SIXTH as the Attack Count Score implies. Keep this in mind while attempting to rack up high scores.

Shop Discounts

As a slight extension to this seemingly endless 1st Anniversary celebration, a couple of shop discounts have been added! God Crystal purchase rates have been slightly decreased from now until July 15th, along with reduced prices on some cute costumes until July 1st! 

For those curious, the discounted Costume List is as follows:

Interlude Act 1: Human Village

Now for some exclusive content!...somewhat. Chapter 3.5’s release may have been announced in the last Dev Letter, but now we have confirmation that Interlude Act 1 will be released July 1st! Those wanting more Main Story content after the finale of Chapter 3 will not have to wait as long this time, it seems.

Upcoming Technical Class Prayer!

Just like the 72-hour Attack Class Prayer, there will be a Technical Class Prayer for a very limited time: from the start of June 27th to the end of June 29th! Technical Friends are some of the better Friends in the game, heavily buffing and focusing on themselves for some great damage outputs, so this Prayer will definitely contain some heavy hitters! The pages for the Featured Festival Friends on the Prayer can be found below:

Marisa (A6) EX

And coming along with that new story content is even more new stuff! Marisa (A6) EX Boss Challenge is another bit of challenging content similar to Remilia (E9) EX, where the theme of the content is more around Friends involved rather than Elements. And who else to theme a Marisa boss around than arguably her main rival, Reimu? Just like how Remilia EX had a story card drop related to Sakuya, Marisa EX will contain one for Reimu, specifically a card that is F1 Reimu’s best story card slot for her Last Word (or BiS)!

Here are Behind the Bullets: Reimu’s, drawn by Tohiro Shijima, Max Limit Break stats:

When Spell Card is used by Attack type unit, all targets' Yin DEF 2 levels DOWN (2 turns).
Spell Card's Sun power 35% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Light Bullet power 20% UP (1 turn).

An All-target Yin DEF debuff is always great, and combined with the high Sun and Light Bullet buffs, this card is obviously suited for F1 Reimu’s Last Word. 

Expect a Gamepress Guide on Marisa (A6) EX in the very near future!

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