New in LostWord: Winter's Final Chill (March 8th)

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Prayers, Prayers, Prayers!

While Lunar War Solider, Junko, Hecatia Lapizlazuli, and Yuyuko Saigyouji might have left simultaneously, two Prayers are coming back to fill their empty space, with a third one joining a few more days. To get the numbers out of the way: 5 Friends between two Prayers, with 4 of them being General (the returning Keine Kamishirasawa along with Letty Whiterock, Seiga Kaku, and Sekibanki) and one being Festival (Saki Kurokoma). Keine, Letty, and Seiga will be together on the Old Desire Pick-UP Prayer with Saki and Sekibanki collaborating on Festival: Pegasus Dullahan?!

Both Prayers will have ascending God Crystal Step-UP, meaning that 10 prayers can be done for 60 God Crystals initially, then 100 more God Crystals for each successive step out of 5 (translating to 60, 160, 260, 360, and 460). Each Step-UP pull guarantees at least one Friend, making it rather helpful for trying to obtain at least one of the several Rate-UP Friends. Additionally for these two banners, the General Friends now only cost 100 Exchange Points to exchange for, which includes Sekibanki even though she’s on the Festival Prayer!

Both of these Prayers will run until March 15th at 1:59 UTC. For more information on a specific Friend on these prayers, refer to their character pages or the Should You Pull articles linked below!

The third Prayer mentioned before is a rerun Prayer, although it is a special one as it features two Ultra Festival Friends: Lunar War Shaman and Lunar War Enchanter! These two mech-based girls will visit from the B3 universe from March 11th to March 17th at 7:59 UTC. Use the links below to read up on these strong allies!

Seiga Nyan Nyan Event Extra and Costumes

The Extra stages for the Seiga Nyan Nyan Social Club event are now out, which can be played 3x a day…or not! This time around, Extra can be played 6 times daily, allowing you to get twice the bonuses from Extra stages each day! Or just complete more of the stages daily as well. 

That isn’t the only change for this event, as the story card drop rate has been increased as of March 8th! This is especially important for this event, as Bloody Order is a rather helpful story card with a 40% buff to any Fire bullets, a handy effect for the Fire EX Battle Stage on the horizon. Not only that, but with the final event stage dropping all gold materials already, the stage is very worth farming, both for the event and in general. Check the two event story cards below, along with the guide on farming stages such as the last one!

With the introduction of Seiga Kaku and Letty Whiterock, two more event costumes for the social club mother herself and her employee have been added! These two costumes will provide extra event points and a higher rare event point drop rate, so they have additional benefits besides looking pretty. These costumes can either be purchased in the shop for 480 God Crystals or be bought on steps 4 and 6 of the Costume Relay Pack.

Scarlet Devil Tower Returns!

Players can once again climb up the challenging Scarlet Devil Tower, although there will be no additional floors this time. Instead, the tower is back for anyone to catch up on Floors 1 to 100 of the Scarlet Devil Tower. There are many beneficial rewards throughout the floors, including Seal Crystals, Paper Dolls, and even Divine Paper Dolls! Even though it might be tough, there is definitely value for triumphing over these alternative visitors.

For those who need help, there are articles that overlook the stats and helpful tips for every single floor of the tower!

Campaigns and Login Bonuses

Part 1 of the Haru desu yo~ (that means Spring is coming!) login campaign is still ongoing until the end of March 24th. Along with bits of Fortune Dust, the login bonus provides players with two copies of It’s Spring and Lily White's Music CD: Path by the Murmuring Stream! You can thank Lily later for her gifts in preparation for Spring.

The Seiga Nyan Nyan Social Club event login is also ongoing and will last until March 15th for those who still need to complete the login bonus. The same obviously goes for the Seal Crystal-filled March login bonus, which includes a Divine Paper Doll on Day 25! Make sure to keep logging in for these additional rewards.

Campaign-wise, Forever Prayer Lite ver. Is still ongoing and will last until the end of March 24th. Have you gotten the Friend you wanted already, or are you still puzzled on who to settle on? Remember to look over the Forever Prayer guide for some crucial pointers!

Additionally is another part of the Haru desu yo~ campaign: the return of x3 Drop Rate for Main Story and Hifuu LostWord, lasting until the end of the month! At this point there are several important story cards to try collecting from the final stages of the Main Story, but have very low drop rates. That’s what this increased drop rate is here to solve! Expect some additional guides on how to take full advantage of these farming opportunities in the future, especially for Chapter 3.

Daily Presents x3?

Last but not least is another extension of the Haru desu yo~ campaign, daily presents from March 8th to March 16th…x3? What exactly does that mean? Instead of a single present being given 3 times at once each day, presents will be distributed 3 times throughout each day! This still means triple the rewards, but you will have to make sure you check the game frequently to collect them. Don’t sweat too much, the presents expire within 24 hours, meaning they won’t disappear suddenly overnight. 

Want the details on all of the presents? Of course you do. Here is a handy table to track all of them:

Date Morning Present (15:00 UTC) Afternoon Present (20:00 UTC) Evening Present (2:00 UTC)
March 8th-9th Every Medicine (2) x40 Coins x15000 Every Tile (3) x20
March 9th-10th Every Scroll (2) x80 Spirit P x5000 4* Story Card Midnight Tea x5
March 10th-11th Every X Book (2) x30 Every Tile (1) x80 Every Superior Wood x30
March 11th-12th Every Tile (2) x40 Every Scroll (1) x160 Guaranteed Friend Ritual x1
March 12th-13th Every Book (2) x30 3* Story Card Valued Tools of the Trade x5 Every Scroll (3) x40
March 13th-14th Every X Book (2) x30 Wagashi x15 Every Medicine (3) x20
March 14th-15th Every Scroll (2) x80 Every Medicine (1) x80 5* Story Card Ordinary Magician x1
March 15th-16th Every Tile (2) x40 Spirit P x5000 Every X Book (3) x15

Current March Roadmap

This roadmap features all of the current and planned future campaigns throughout March. As you can see, special events such as free prayers on March 15th and the return of Kourindou Roulette are coming up, so don’t miss out! Of course, we will make sure to cover any future current events for the game as well.

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