Scroll Exchange Has Been Added To LostWord!

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Article by Meeko

An End To Bronze and Silver Scrolls...

Hi Friends! At last, Scroll Exchange has been added to LostWord - the ability to trade in lower tier Scrolls for higher tier ones! How it works is fairly simple: you simply trade in 100 of a lower tier for 1 of a higher tier (so, 100 Bronze becomes 1 Silver, and 100 Silver becomes 1 Gold). Not sure how to use it? Check out the images below for a step by step guide!

Note, you cannot exchange Gold for Silver, or Silver for Bronze. You can only upgrade materials. As such, take care not to upgrade ALL of your Silver and Bronze scrolls - new Friends still need the lower tier stuff!

First, tap on the "Items" button on the Main Menu

Then, scroll down and tap on the Scroll that you want to exchange.

Next, tap on the Exchange button.

Finally, tap for how many Scrolls you wish to exchange for (remember, 100 Scrolls trade in for 1 of the next tier), then hit Exchange

If successful, you'll get this message!

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