Should You Pull? Captain of Shipwrecks

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Should You Pull?

If you're looking for a powerful All targeting Last Word nuker who can farm super well too, Murasa's your girl. She's not exactly a team player, her Breaks are only Water, and to keep her unique buffs up she needs to avoid Grazing leaving her vulnerable, but she's ready to weigh anchor on any for you have. Do note that this is a General banner, but Murasa will not be added to the General pool for a few months.

Quick Overview

+Remarkable speed which translates into more damage using her Slicing
+Very strong damage
+Plenty of Water breaks.

-Very little supportive utility
-Vulnerable after using skills

Minamitsu Murasa

Minamitsu Murasa is a phantom of a young girl who drowned at sea and, after the fact, became notorious for causing shipwrecks to unsuspecting sailors and captains. Many attempts were made to stop Captain Murasa, however they all came up with nothing. Well, that is till the monk Byakuren Hijiri also fell victim to Murasa’s anger. However Byakuren didn’t just just become another one of Murasa’s stories, she rose up from the sea after being cast downwards and rebuilt Murasa’s ship. Afterwards Murasa swore to make it up to Byakuren and travelled alongside the monk. 

Interestingly enough; the name Murasa is actually just the name used in old Japanese folklore for young ghost girls found on ships who would supposedly drown said ship and cast it away at sea. Murasa can usually be seen holding a large anchor and she actually uses it to attack in some of her spell cards. She also has a ladle with her that she uses to flood the ships she plans to capsize. This is actually another reference to the aforementioned Japanese folklore. In the past, Captains would often travel with wooden ladles because, as the story goes, if they encountered a young ghost girl she would ask for a wooden ladle. Giving her the ladle could ease her conscience and save the ship, though rather ironically Murasa sinks the ships using this ladle. Oh, also fun fact the ladle is apparently bottomless as confirmed by ZUN and some of her own comments.

In Touhou LostWord Murasa is a powerhouse and behaves like your typical nuking unit. Captain Murasa’s Slicing values are 60/70/80/90/120/120, which is exceedingly good. This means that any Speed applied to her is translated into raw damage. Using her skills along she is able to generate 4 levels of speed for herself and her allies and another 4 using her ability. This ability of her’s makes her immune to Burn and adds 1 level of Self Speed, Accuracy, and Dodge for every stack of Freeze applied to her. Her skills collectively apply 4 Freeze Barriers to herself. That, in addition to both the multiple Yang buffs given to her using her skills and Last Word pre-attack, make her a menace for quick farming. However, that's not all. In Chapter 3 Act 2 a certain Spell Card drops that increases the power of her Last Word quite a bit, Giving her a whopping 50% increase in Mass-type damage for 1 turn. As for fights that go longer than 1 turn, Murasa continues to dish out more and more damage, as she has more time to ramp up her speed and Yang attack.

In the end the few faults she does have aren’t enough to spit on her about and Murasa stays as one of the stronger units in the game. Pulling for her is no bad idea by any means and she is certain to be one of your top units should you choose to invest in her.