Should You Pull? 1.5th Anniversary Special Festival Collection

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Article by NekuMargatroid

Should You Pull?

Highly recommended. As per tradition, Lost Word Global is having a special prayer to commemorate another anniversary milestone, this one in particular focusing on A-Type Friend throughout the past 1.5 years of service. Every 48 hours, there will be a rotation of two Festival Friends featured for pulling, which after the allotted time will be replaced by the next batch of two. The schedule can be found in the article’s cover image, but here is a listing once more just in case:

  • A6 Reimu Hakurei and A6 Marisa Kirisame: November 18th 7:00 UTC to November 19th 23:59  UTC
  • A6 Sakuya Izayoi and A6 Patchouli Knowledge: November 20th 0:00 UTC to November 21st 23:59 UTC
  • A7 Youmu Konpaku and A7 Alice Margatroid: November 22nd 0:00 UTC to November 23rd 23:59 UTC
  • A13 Toyosatomimi no Miko and A11 Koishi Komeiji: November 24th 0:00 UTC to November 25th 2:59 UTC

And yes, Reimu/Marisa and Miko/Koishi aren’t getting “true” 48-hour rotations due to maintenance scheduling. But don’t tell them, I don’t think they know yet either…

This banner is primarily a great way to catch up on strong A-Type Festival Friends you have previously missed, especially when it comes to A13 Miko and A11 Koishi. However, while most if not all of these Friends are very viable and useful in battle, the potential of stronger prayers via UFES Friends and beyond makes it hard to devote oneself to going for more than one of these Friends. 

Fortunately, this prayer has many things going for it for those who do pursue its deals. As the 7-day schedule is known now, it is easy to plan ahead and go for certain Friends on their specific dates and continue from there. On top of that, this prayer has a shared Exchange Point, meaning you can exchange 150 Exchange Points for any of the 8 Friends at any given time. This makes it easy to go for one Friend during one period, and if you pull enough, you can use Exchange Points to trade for another Friend or even go for one you missed! Lastly, as with most special deal banners, 2x Fortune Dust will provide 20 Fortune Dust per God Crystal Pull compared to the usual 10.

Period Overviews

A6 Reimu and A6 Marisa (November 18th-19th)

First up on the rotation is the classic Scarlet-stained main protagonists of Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. As the first two A-Type Friends added to the game, they still hold up very well today, with both of them going on the heavy offense to match their reckless abandon of the old days. Overall, this is one of the stronger pairs of Friends to go for during the prayer.

Reimu holds more of a supportive role, capable of buffing the team in multiple ways, including Accuracy, Yang ATK, and even CRIT ATK. The shrine maiden herself hits hard with a high amount of Wood and Sun attacks. When combined with her fairly high Spirit Power restoration from skills and ability to lower foes’ Evasion, Reimu is an all-around strong contender for best Friend in this batch of classic faces.

Marisa shouldn’t be counted out, as while she is more selfish due to having more self-buffs, She makes sure her Yang ATK buffs are worth it by striking with heavy Star (and fire-) power. While a Speed-type Friend, she also works hard to make CRITs worth using, as she can debuff CRIT DEF and CRIT Evasion on all opponents. Her decent amount of Youkai Killers make the critical damage even more worth it and ends up making Marisa very strong as well.

A6 Sakuya and A6 Patchouli (November 20th-21st)

Another group of Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil veterans, Sakuya and Patchouli were originally assigned to take down the shrine maiden and magician intruders of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Both of them had their own methods of thwarting the humans, from elemental coverage to stopping time. This gives both Friends of this pair somewhat unique roles to consider when pulling for them.

Sakuya is mainly another offensive juggernaut, with an extra layer of speed and evasion. While the Evasion itself isn’t exactly helpful, Sakuya can still deal high damage, especially when it comes to Yin damage and the Fire element. Her good amount of Yin ATK buffs paired with Yin DEF debuffs on foes gives her a very clear purpose when it comes to Yin-nuking team compositions.

Patchouli, on the other hand, is an elemental mage, covering her bases in both elemental bullets and barrier anomalies alike. On her own, her spell cards can inflict Burn and Poison for debuffing or barrier breaking purposes. Afterwards, she can still buff her Yin ATK decently to do some good damage. Although she carries a wide variety of elements, it can be difficult to single out one to help on a foe weak to only a specific element. Still, her coverage can definitely help out at times.

A7 Youmu and A7 Alice (November 22nd-23rd)

While these next two share a point of origin (to some extent, when it comes to Alice…), Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom, they don’t share many initial similarities outside of both of them trying to take down the incident resolvers of the game. Youmu does so by putting those two swords to good use, while Alice manipulates her countless doll collections for a frantic yet fair fight. As a whole, they’re a slight step down from the last pairs, but still can serve you well in fights.

Youmu also goes for an offensive playstyle, this time having a greater focus on critical hits and damage. Although she has some situational, specific killers based on the incident resolvers she faced before, her Human Killer is more wide-spread and can lead to easily ensured damage. Even then, her CRIT Accuracy buffs pair well in getting higher damage along with her CRIT ATK buffs. While she is a mixed-attacker when it comes to her Last Word, her buffs in both Yin ATK and Yang ATK somewhat help her out in this regard, and some of her partywide buffs can help team synergies quite well.

In some ways, Alice holds many similarities to A6 Patchouli; a magician specializing in elemental bullets as well as anomalies. Her Paralyze and Burn anomaly inflections in her skills synergize with her own kit, as she can break both anomalies at 3P with her first spell. Unfortunately, she faces a similar issue as Patchouli when it comes to having so many elemental types that it can be hard to be specifically good at one, but her second spell is still good at specifically Metal and Earth breaks. With other small supportive buffs, Alice is a good Friend to keep around as breaking support.

A13 Miko and A11 Koishi (November 24th-25th)

The final two of this prayer decide to play differently and don’t even come from the same game! Instead, these two are some of the more recent A-type additions to Lost Word, at least when compared to the rest of the Friends here. This makes them somewhat worth getting if you missed them previously, but they still definitely have combat potential beyond that.

Miko is a special case out of the eight here, being a Defense-type Friend, specifically tanky in the Yang department. Buffing both Yang ATK and Yang DEF for herself and her allies, Miko holds great potential from her supportive attributes alone, even capable of restoring a layer of the party’s Barrier every 4 turns! Her elements are a little mixed outside of her Last Word’s Sun and Water coverage, but her self-sustainability thanks to HP healing, defensive buffs, and even self-Accuracy buffs makes her a very unique and strong threat.

Koishi takes advantage of her unconscious abilities to be another speedy combatant. As a very good dual-Fire/Water attacker, Koishi heavily increases her own Agility…even if her Slice scaling is rather low. Still, thanks to a good mix of self-Yin ATK buffs and supportive Agility and Accuracy buffs, Koishi is able to be a great offensive Friend while holding onto some supportive capabilities as well.

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