Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Remnant of the Old Faith"

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Recommended. As we kick off June, this yellow-haired iteration of Sanae Kochiya has finally decided the time is now to put herself forward via the Remnant of the Old Faith Epic Prayer! And while the previous 2 F1 Friends have really demonstrated how powerful they can be, plus being forced to compete with other fellow Support-Class Friends like C3 Marisa, L80 Youmu, B3 Sagume and more, F1 Sanae is no slouch at all. She brings Support and Anomalies, with even a bit of offensive potential too. The support she can bring includes Yin ATK, Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, Accuracy, Spirit Power, Barriers and even some Yin ATK II! With the potential to really keep up the Yin ATK and Yang ATK buffs for a while with her Skill 1 and with a solid access to all the traditional offensive buffs one can benefit from, F1 Sanae is definitely a worthy friend that can provide you the miracles you might need for success.

Her Poison and Paralyze anomaly breaking potential is nothing to overlook either, possibly being able to do a good amount of anomaly breaking is always handy, and on top of that, should she be in the position for it, she even has the Killers to back up all those buffs too, like Youkai, God, Human, Soul and Religious! Generally, F1 Sanae is rather well-rounded with what she wants to achieve here while also having solid elemental access (mainly Star, with some Metal and Earth). She doesn’t seem to have any glaring weaknesses, but 6 turns of downtime for Skills 2 and 3 isn’t the most ideal thing out there. Then again, there have been Skills with longer cooldowns out there, even from other Epic Friends.

Generally, if you need a friend with amazing support, and you are missing somebody like C3 Marisa and L80 Youmu, definitely consider this Living God if you have the resources for her. If the role of an amazing Supporter is already covered though, as this is an Epic Prayer, she also comes with a very special Story Card, that being Divine Spirit Tajikarao! Now where do we start with this card? Let’s say we took 3 pre-existing Story Cards, took their effects and put them into a brand new Story Card to create something amazing in terms of effectiveness. That’s sort of what is going on here. Myouren Temple Anniversary’s Spirit Power for the team (but better), Worlds in Hand’s CRIT ATK for the team (but better) and any moderate Sun-Boosting card out there, mix those up and voila, we get this absolute powerhouse of a card! Coming in with 0.80 team Spirit Power, 3 Stages of team CRIT ATK and a 25% Sun Bullet Boost, this is an incredibly versatile card that just adds to the incentive of investing in this Epic Prayer!

Featured Story Card "Divine Spirit Tajikarao"!

A few extra notes about the prayer before we wrap up is that any God Crystal pulls will have 2x Fortune Dust, as usual our Epic Living God is also available for 400 Exchange Points (once) and our new Divine Spirit Tajikarao Story Card requires 50 Exchange Points per copy. This Prayer is also available for 2 weeks after its arrival should you need a little more time to get your resources up enough.

And with that said, best of luck to everybody who is praying for a miracle whether it’s in the form of either a Golden Wind Priestess or a Godly Story Card, or even both!

Quick Overview

F1 Sanae Kochiya is a Support-Class Friend who provides Support in many ways: Spirit Power, Yang ATK, Yin ATK, Accuracy, CRIT ATK and Yin ATK II. On top of that, she also brings breaks via Star, Earth and Metal elements as well as Paralyze and Poison breaks.

Faithful Support

F1 Sanae’s powers when used to benefit the team are very beneficial, vast and versatile, especially on the offensive side of support. Yin ATK, Yang ATK, Accuracy, CRIT ATK, Spirit Power, Barriers, even Yin ATK II! These appear all over her kit, whether it be Skills, Ability, or Spell Card effects, and some of these can last as long as 5 turns! As for her Skill 1 though, with a 3 turn cooldown for Yang ATK and Yin ATK buffs lasting 4 turns, this means F1 Sanae is more than capable of maxing out the team’s Yin ATK and Yang ATK by using this Skill again before these buffs expire!

Anomalies, Elements and Breaks

Should F1 Sanae want to use other means to do her team justice, she can use Burn, Paralyze and Poison anomalies. Burn anomalies give her offensive buffs as per her ability, and the other two give her 0.20 Spirit Power per layer. These two anomalies can also be inflicted on her enemies, with Poison anomalies inflicted via Skill 2 and Spell Card 1, Paralyze ones are inflicted via Spell Card 2 and alongside their respective Spell Cards, can also be broken via Last Word, and in Paralyze’s case, her Spread Shot too. On top of that, her elements are either Earth, Metal, or most importantly, Star. Earth is located in her Spread Shot and Spell Card 1, Metal is found on her Focus Shot and Spell Card 2, whatever attack you use has up to 3 Star lines (4 on Last Word).

Miraculous Attacker

On top of Support and Utility, F1 Sanae can hold her own when it comes to damage dealing. Alongside her high base Yin ATK of 1950, her Killers are solid and can hit a good chunk of enemies with God, Youkai, Human, Soul and Religious. Her Slice and Hard Scaling helps a good amount, especially on her Last Word, and her Yin ATK buff duration is expected to never run out on its own thanks to the constant Yin ATK UP bullet lines and her Passive 3 she can fall back on.

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