Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Super Summer Celestial”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

If you want a destructive Friend and/or simply like Tenshi, go for it. Otherwise, feel free to save up resources. Marching forth as we travel ever closer to that 3 Year Anniversary milestone for Touhou LostWord Global (2 months away!), we found ourselves some Happy News from the most recent Live With Phantasma Event (a “Haru Desu Yo!” edition), including reruns, campaigns, content, comebacks, and new Friends to look forward to, with one of them being the subject of this very article: C3 Tenshi Hinanawi (Eldest Daughter Enjoying the Beach) from her Epic Prayer “Super Summer Celestial” which also has a “boring” limited Story Card. More on that “sooner” though! But yes, we went from no versions of Tenshi aside from her L1 self this time last year to our 4th one, and this version of her has a cool water bike known as the Universe Ring! So how does our Swimsuit Celestial fare compared to the currents of her competition?

Well as a Destroy-Class Friend, one thing you can expect C3 Tenshi to deliver on is her Critically Acclaimed damage output! With buffs like CRIT Accuracy, CRIT ATK (both extending to the team) and even some CRIT ATK II as well as some debuffs like CRIT Evasion and CRIT DEF, this Eldest Daughter has the capability to pull off a large amount of CRITs, but as a safety blanket, should C3 Tenshi struggle with these natural CRITs, she can always fall back on her strong range of Killers, including the beloved Gensokyo Killer. Another method of raising her chance of landing CRITs is her abundance of Elastic bullets as these will raise the chance of landing a CRIT assuming the enemy’s ATK stats are buffed. Critical acclaim aside, C3 Tenshi can also provide the appropriate Yang ATK/Yang DEF buffs as well as Yang DEF debuffs once the CRIT side of things is covered, with Yang DEF buffs really benefiting her Hard Scaling, going up to 185% on her Last Word. These kinds of factors can strengthen C3 Tenshi here, and her potential is very much up there, almost like it’s in Heaven!

Strength aside, C3 Tenshi is also very good with her Water breaks, having so many to work with in her entire kit. Enemies who are weak to this very element will have a rough time, whether it’s from the breaking side from effective damage, with resisted damage getting a 40% damage boost, This is the strongest part of her breaking though, as her secondary Metal and Earth breaks aren’t the most impressive and her anomaly inflict/break potential isn’t the most outstanding compared to those who came before, such as C3 Sekibanki, the last Epic Friend who could pull off 6 Freeze anomaly breaks on all enemies off the jump…which makes C3 Tenshi’s 2 Paralyze anomalies on all enemies via Skill 3, Spell Card 2 and Last Word fall short of that bar (4 Paralyze anomalies inflicted on Turn 1). Then again, you could say C3 Tenshi has seemingly traded anomalies with extra brute strength, which she has been successful at!

Sadly, C3 Tenshi lacks one major buff which may be an issue for all that power she wields…Accuracy. Not only is it completely absent from her kit (as well as any Evasion debuffs), but as a Destroy-Class Friend, having bullet lines with less than 75% base Accuracy may mean a little extra effort when it comes to Story Cards/other Friends making sure her Accuracy is there. Once her Accuracy is covered though, it’s going to be quite the ride.

Now for this Prayer’s Story Card Spotlight! Since this is an Epic Prayer, we have a Limited one coming up, this one being Reversal Incident! As you might be able to tell from the “last” paragraph, this features Seija Kijin alongside Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and conveniently enough, it is such a great fit for the week old A14 Seija Kijin! It increases Yin ATK by 2 stages (2T), Star elemental bullet damage by 40% and grants 1.50 Spirit Power. If you feel like you need even a single copy for any specific Yin-based Friends like the aforementioned A14 Seija, it could be a neat niche to work with, although compared to other limited Story Cards like last month’s Summer Monster, this one probably ends up being a little inferior.

Featured Story Card "Reversal Incident"!

Now that we are nearing the destination, how should one go about this Prayer? Well outside of loyal Tenshi fans, it’s not the easiest sell in the world when it comes to both C3 Tenshi Hinanawi and even the Story Card to some extent, especially if you already have strong powerhouses of high rarities and/or strong Water breakers. Having those kinds of Friends may already reduce the incentive of the average player to potentially risk up to 2000 Seal Crystals for this Celestial, although it’s very much possible to make good use of her with the pros she brings. Another way of looking at this is that C3 Kogasa Tatara has a lot of similarities to C3 Tenshi, from balanced Water/Metal elements, another C3 Friend and high damage potential, but can also overshadow our Celestial Friend, having built in Accuracy buffs, better management of anomalies and more consistent overall.

While C3 Tenshi isn’t irredeemable, she also isn’t on the super strong side of Epic Friends. With a limited amount of resources for the average player, whether it’s Epic Paper Dolls to Limit Break your Friends like C3 Tenshi, or Seal Crystals to spend on Friends, spending potentially up to 2000 Seal Crystals may not be the best investment for the average player who already has strong Epic Friends that covers areas that C3 Tenshi specializes in (although 250 Seal Crystals for the Reversal Incident Story Card may be reasonable). But regardless of this, Tenshi lovers will still be excited and lucky to have another Tenshi variant on their team, and what makes this particular Prayer even better is that we get to enjoy some Free Prayers as well!

Another detail worth mentioning when considering this Prayer is that the Live With Phantasma Livestage also included “new Friends to look forward to” as mentioned at the mentioning! Coming after C3 Tenshi will be a Relic version of Hong Meiling (Be the change) who funnily enough, will also be the 4th variant as well! Sounds like 4 is the lucky number? Anyways, this version of Meiling will arrive from March 25th to April 5th so if you’re excited for her arrival, this is food for thought at this moment in time!

Still to come in March 25th: Hong Meiling (Be the change)

But with that said, may the Luck of the Celestial bless the Tenshi fans and more when it comes to this Epic Prayer, and hopefully she comes speeding to you in her Universe Ring!

Quick Overview

C3 Tenshi Hinanawi is a Destroy-Class Friend who with her speedy Universe Ring, can potentially land a near-universal amount of CRITs through CRIT buffs/debuffs including CRIT ATK II, as well as maintain strong Spirit Power gain and abundance in the Water element.

Universal Ring of Critical Power

The Universe Ring-bound C3 Tenshi’s mix of strong Killers lead by Gensokyo-Killer, CRIT buffs/debuffs including CRIT ATK II, CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy, lots of Elastic Bullets (if/when enemies have ATK buffs), a high damage potential allows her to really shine when it comes to destroying her enemies, and a high Hard Scaling potential on her Last Word (up to 185%), as well as a damage boost in resisted elements. More on that below!

Eldest Daughter Enjoying Water-Elemental Breaks

C3 Tenshi only has 3 elements to work with, but her main one appearing very commonly is Water! Any enemies who are weak to Water have to worry about both Water breaks and effective damage, and even if our Eldest Daughter has to deal with enemies who resist her elements, mainly Water, she has a 40% boost in resisted elemental damage to back her destructive power up!

Down to Earth or Dead in the Water?

With all the pros about her Water breaks, what if C3 Tenshi needs something to fall back on? Well it seems like both her Earth and Metal elements are taking turns to be the backup element, which may make it a little more difficult to find the right backup elements, although it might veer slightly more towards Metal based on factors like her Last Word. This can be a bit of an issue in the breaking department when it comes to elemental breaking, especially if the target or targets do not have a Water weakness. Speaking of breaks…

Less than Epic Anomalies?

...Compared to fellow Friends from the world of Eternal Summer, C3 Tenshi doesn’t quite bring the anomaly power that we have seen before. This can always be chalked up to trading Paralyze anomalies for sheer power (which C3 Tenshi is fantastic at with all the buffs), but only being able to set off 4 Paralyze anomalies on all enemies off the jump (2 from a Skill, 2 from Spell Card 2/Last Word) isn’t awful at all, but…Heaven knows we’ve seen better ones pitched in.

Universal Lack of Accuracy Buffs

What’s really dragging down C3 Tenshi is her dire lack of Accuracy buffs/Evasion debuffs. Not appearing anywhere in her kit, she will desperately, desperately need support from reliable allies or Story Cards, because what good is all this heavenly and celestial power if it is susceptible to failing to hit its target(s)?

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