Should You Pull? Prayer: “Chicken God Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you like the clerical chicken. The Underground Waste Ward trio is finally complete! With Eiki and Komachi established, Kutaka finally joins in, and this version of her is a Technical Class Friend with all kinds of tricks up her sleeve. She goes from being a Metal and Wood breaker, to using anomalies to her advantage, to even sprinkling in a few ways to support the team, such as Yin ATK, Agility, Accuracy, Yin ATK and even Bind/Debuff Removal, the last of those being performed after Spell Card 1 usage! B3 Kutaka sounds great on paper, but is she still lined up to be one of the best, or is she held back in some way?

Unfortunately, the answer looks like a yes, and the main thing damaging B3 Kutaka is, well, damage. She can definitely pack a punch on a specific enemy on her Last Word if everything lines up perfectly, such as a Metal weakness and even more importantly, Killers. Speaking of which, we’re looking at a similar problem we’ve seen with her previous colleagues due to their Killer ranges being the same: it’s limited. While the Yin DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs that B3 Kutaka can provide could help a lot, the CRIT DEF can’t always be capitalized on by the chicken herself, and maybe it’s as a result of her being a Tech unit, but it doesn’t look like she super excels in a specific area, although that’s expected with a “Jack of all trades” kind of friend.

There is more to go over when it comes to this specific Prayer though. As well as the 20 Fortune Dust from God Crystal Pulls, her Prayer also comes with a new Story Card! This one is a 4 Card called Impregnable Defense, and yes, that is Remilia doing her iconic crouching block. The effects include increasing one’s own CRIT DEF by 2 Stages for 2 Turns as well as reducing Sun damage by 25% for 2 Turns. These aren’t the most exciting effects alone sadly, but if you like Remilia and want to get this card just for it having Remilia on it, you just need 30 Exchange Points for a copy.

Featured Story Card for "Impregnable Defense"!

To those whose Seal Crystals are lined up for this Prayer, whether it’s for the chicken or the card, or even both, best of luck to all those resources are lined up for this very Prayer!

Quick Overview

B3 Kutaka Niwatari is a Technical-Class Friend with Metal and Wood elements, Burn, Poison and Paralyze anomaly utility and a handful of other helpful tricks for herself and her teammates.

Elemental Breaks and Anomaly Utility

B3 Kutaka has a decent amount of Wood breaks to work with and a greater amount of Metal breaks, such as 6 lines of Metal in her Last Word. On top of that, she does a good amount of things with 3 of the 5 anomalies, such as being able to increase her Accuracy, Agility and Evasion when inflicted with Burn, but can also inflict 4 layers of them onto enemies via Skill 3 and another 2 to all targets via Last Word, and assuming B3 Kutaka is at 2P, she can break these with her Spell Card 2 and her Last Word. Both Paralyze and Poison can be inflicted on himself to provide defensive buffs, and also via 2P, B3 Kutaka can break Poison anomalies on all enemies via Spell Card 1 and Last Word. Keep in mind her Last Word is Solo-Targeting though, but that said, her Burn anomaly breaking potential could be quite good in the best situations.

Clerical Chicken’s Carriages of Support

B3 Kutaka also has delivered some helpful gifts too. While some effects are for herself, others for the whole team can help quite a bit such as Accuracy, Yin ATK, Spirit Power, CRIT Accuracy, Agility and even being able to remove a Bind/Stat Debuff after using her Spell Card 1. The other effects are achieved via Skills and Spell Cards (and Boosting in the case of Yin ATK). B3 Kutaka also has another trick being that she can allow her whole team to attack first within their priority bracket by granting them all Quick on Skill 2, and can use Skill 3 to Debuff Yin DEF and CRIT DEF on all enemies too, which could help some other teammates, especially Yin-Based ones.

Struggles on the side of Damage

Ultimately, B3 Kutaka’s damage is going to struggle at times. Despite her mix of Hard + Slice scaling as well as mix of buffs and debuffs, her Killer range including Soul, Undead, Lunarian, Lunar Capital and Moon Rabbit doesn’t quite cut it all the time. If these Killers land, her Solo-Targeting Last Word will do quite a number on a specific enemy, especially if they are weak to Metal, but otherwise, those aforementioned CRIT DEF debuffs might not be fully capitalized on.

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