Should You Pull? Prayer: “Chill Hacker Beats Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Depends on your preferences, but she has a lot going for her. The first of the 3 Prismriver Sisters are finally here, as B5 Lunasa Prismriver provides a new approach to her part of the Prismriver Ensemble. Hacking, electronics, modern methods of musicality, the Eldest Sister has seemingly adapted to the environment perfectly in order to provide music to all her loyal supporters, not just in person, but through cyberspace.

As an Attack-Class Friend, she has great offensive capabilities with a little bit of team support and anomaly action, such as self-sufficient Yang ATK, which can also be given to the team. Spirit Power buffs are also mostly provided to herself, and she has a good amount of Wood and Water breaks (mainly the former), and those bullet lines can get a 25% boost if effective against said enemy. With Slice Scaling, relevant debuffs pertaining to Yang DEF and CRIT DEF and can even use Paralyze anomalies, either for offensive output or a breakdown of inflictions and breaks on enemies. B5 Lunasa does come off as very well rounded, all things considered.

With that said, the only thing that is really bringing down our musician in question here is that her Killers are not quite able to hit a super wide amount of enemies. Her best ones are going to be Human and Soul, which are not bad by any means. B5 Lunasa’s other Killers include Lunar Capital, Capital, Engineer, Musician, Phantom, Machine and the brand new Thunder Killer. If you want to take advantage of these, make sure you know what enemies can get hit by the above. If these Killers can connect, B5 Lunasa will truly thrive, and that will be the time to capitalize with her.

With that said, B5 Lunasa is chilling and relaxing with her own music, and she will most likely have a strong fanbase for this Prayer whatever happens. There will be a 50% discount on the first God Crystal Prayer (300 on the first one, 600 after that), but that’s the only gimmick here. As said before, B5 Lunasa provides a strong case for herself with her kit, and if you are missing someone with great Wood breaks or you find that she can fill that is currently missing in your box, look no further than the star of the Chill Hacker Beats Prayer!

Now for anyone willing to click that subscribe button on this Ultra Festival Prayer, let’s hope you are lucky enough to get your own personal concert with the Eldest Daughter! Good luck everyone!

Quick Overview

B5 Lunasa Prismriver is an Attack-Class Friend with vast Wood and Water breaks, Paralyze anomaly utility, Yang/CRIT support, and wonderful electronic melodies.

Music is Power

Despite her chill and reserved exterior, B5 Lunasa is more than capable of bringing in the necessary Yang ATK buffs for the team as well as both Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs to help allies, mainly Yang based Friends. She also has the Spirit to carry on keeping herself energized via Spirit Power by multiple means (1.20 on Skill 3, 1.40 on Spell Card 1 Post-ATK, 2.00 on Last Word Post-ATK and even 0.40 for the team through Skill 1). On top of that, if her enemies are weak to Wood and Water (mainly the former), those bullets by B5 Lunasa get a 25% boost. She is just destined for international success, even in cyberspace.

Electrifying Performer

B5 Lunasa also enjoys her usage of anomalies, mainly around Paralyze. She can gain 0.20 Spirit Power if inflicted with Burn, but she will have to rely on teammates and in some cases, her enemies to make use of it. Back to Paralyze though, she will enjoy her offensive buffs from this, especially Yang ATK and CRIT ATK. The latter becomes more beneficial given that her only source of CRIT ATK buffing is through her Last Word Pre-ATK (although there are CRIT DEF debuffs like mentioned above). She does also have a bit of Paralyze breaking via a Spell Card and Last Word if you want to do that too.

Somewhat Limited Killer Range

While having Human and Soul Killers are by no means awful, it does seem that she won’t be getting those guaranteed CRITs on all kinds of enemies. Although the aforementioned Killers are backed up by others like Capital, Lunar Capital, Thunder, Engineer, Phantom, Machine and Musician. Make sure you know your enemies’ tags to see if any of B5 Lunasa’s Killers can land for maximum viewer retention.

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