Should You Pull? Prayer “Heavenly Highway Racer Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Heaven knows she is definitely worth considering. One month ago dawned the arrival of T5 Byakuren Hijiri, a Buddhist on a bike named Vimana as well as a cute retriever called Shiun. But she isn’t alone in the race for 1st place, as descending from the heavens comes a Celestial with a cool vehicle of her own called Flaming Gale and her name is Tenshi Hinanawi, also from T5! So with this Celestial looking to have some fun with Flaming Gale, does she have what it takes to be in contention of winning those scorching races?

Firstly, just like the previous vehicle-bound Friends, T5 Tenshi is indeed a Speed-Class Friend, and for reasons we will get into, she is one of the stronger ones too! Coming in with strong Slice Scaling to compliment the Agility buffs, a 40% boost in power if her bullets’ elements are effective against any enemies, and even some amazing Killers! Those Killers include Youkai, Gensokyo, Human, Heaven, Celestial, Hakurei Shrine and Racer, and with the necessary setup, you already know she will be a force to be reckoned with. In addition, T5 Tenshi is well and truly in her element when it comes to Wood and Fire breaks on her Spell Cards and Last Word, as well as 5 bullet lines’ worth of Earth and Metal bullets on each of her two shots, making her oddly consistent with the elements in question.

Like with her fellow motorcyclist monk from T5, Spirit Power is huge here, with some slight differences from the buddhist biker. However, like her rival, T5 Tenshi is also capable of being able to boost 3 times off the jump, just thanks to Skills alone! While only 0.25 is given to the team from Skill 2, 1.75 is gained from Skill 3, which is also backed up by a constantly activating Passive that grants 0.15 of this every turn, as well as Spell Card 1 providing an amount depending on boost scaling (0.50 at 0P, 0.75 at 1P, 1.00 at 2P and 1.75 at 3P).

To back up all of the above, she can also really pile up the anomalies onto an enemy and with 4 layers of Burn given to an enemy via Skill 1 and Spell Card 2, given that enemies have up to 7 Barriers to break and assuming the enemy can’t have Burn anomalies broken, it’s extremely easy for Tenshi to perform an easy Full-Break on an unfortunate enemy, as her Burn break potential lies in her Spell Card 1 (2P), Spell Card 2 (1P) and Last Word (3P). If you need something else as a backup, Spell Card 1 does come with the access to 4 Poison anomalies being inflicted onto an enemy, also being broken by Spell Card 1 and Last Word (both 2P). There is a slight problem though…the inflictions aren’t for everyone. While the potential is huge against a single target, against multiple enemies, things could start to get awkward. If allies can inflict some Burn and/or Poison anomalies, it could make greater use of her anomaly breaking potential. Otherwise, this is a minor nitpick and might not even be seen as a worry for some.

Now for the main thing setting back T5 Tenshi, her lack of CRIT ATK. We already went over her Killers and how amazing they are, thus making her damage potential massive on a majority of enemies in the game thanks to those guaranteed CRITs, but the thing that really bolsters that is buffing CRIT ATK, which is unfortunately lacking here. However, this is arguably the worst part of T5 Tenshi’s kit, and this can easily be worked around with the help of fellow Friends or even some Story Cards, so it just goes to show that in the grand scheme of things, we have a very strong Friend in our midst!

But wait, there’s more! Here comes 2 Story Cards entering the race, as if the Racer from above wasn’t enough! First up is A Tale of Necromancy, with art of Seiga and Yoshika! This is a 5 Story Card that has a more defensive niche due to the team HP recovery as well as a bit of Focus UP, but might not be easy to make use of otherwise, outside of a high HP stat stick. Next up is Forest Guest House, which is a 4 Story Card including Patchouli and Sakuya! This one boosts Heavy Bullets by 25% and Wood Elements by 20%, so it’s not the best card out there, but is alright for being 4 Stars. However, the best thing about this Prayer comes as no shock, being T5 Tenshi Hinanawi!

Featured Story Card "A Tale of Necromancy"!

Featured Story Card "Forest Guest House"!

Speaking of which, how strong is she in Touhou LostWord? Well…she is amazing, and perhaps arguably even better than T5 Byakuren Hijiri? In fairness, it’s neck and neck between them, and maybe T5 Tenshi’s superior Killers are what can push her slightly ahead, but outside of that, it’s hard to tell. Maybe Byakuren would be superior? But overall, it’s a tough competition, not with those two, but with many other Ultra Festival Speed-Class Friends! Other notable Friends in this field include B3 Seiran, B3 Komachi, S5 Rin, H5 Wriggle, B5 Merlin and B3 Kaguya, and of those, T5 Tenshi has to compete with B3 Seiran for the strongest Ultra Festival Speed-Class Friend, but a Speed-Class Friend with the Killers T5 Tenshi has as well as almost everything she needs to be a strong Friend just makes such a strong case for herself. If you don’t have someone like B3 Seiran or T5 Byakuren, or if you really love Tenshi, definitely consider this Friend if you have the Seal Crystals to go for her!

So with that said, here are some final words before the race for the Celestial on the Heavenly Highway Racer Ultra Festival: To those who are on track to pick up Racer No.104, best of luck with this Prayer, and hopefully you will be able to receive the blessings from the clouds above!

Quick Overview

T5 Tenshi Hinanawi is a Speed Class Friend with strong Slice Scaling, a massive Killer range including Gensokyo and Youkai Killers, lots of Fire and Wood breaks on Spell Cards and the potential to hit an enemy with many Burn/Poison anomalies.

Colossal Damage as Seen Through a Biker’s Mind

T5 Tenshi knows full well how to deal massive damage numbers as a result of multiple factors: A mix of Slice and Hard scaling to take advantage of (moreso Slice scaling), a 40% Boost in damage if any elements are effective against said target(s) and more importantly, a fantastic Killer range, mainly carried by Gensokyo and Youkai. Other appearing ones include Heaven, Human, Celestial, Racer and Hakurei Shrine. Needless to say, T5 Tenshi is more than capable of dealing massive damage.

Biker in her Element

When it comes to leaving enemies fully broken, T5 Tenshi has what it takes to do just that. While her Spread and Focus Shots have 5 lines of both Earth and Metal elements respectively, her Spell Cards include a lot of Fire and Wood with a slight lean toward Fire. To top it off, her anomaly dealing potential is deadly against a specific enemy, with 4 layers of Burn on Skill 1 and Spell Card 2 which can be broken by any Spell Card or Last Word. Poison inflicting and breaking has a bit of a spotlight, but is only inflicting 4 layers of Poison via Spell Card 1, which is broken by this Spell Card and Last Word.

Spirit Power Soaring to the Sky

Having instant access to 3P just through one’s set of Skills is a very appreciated feat, and like her fellow biker buddhist, T5 Tenshi does just that with 1.75 Spirit Power gained from Skill 3 and 0.25 for the team with Skill 2, being used every other turn. In addition, one of her Passives secures her 0.15 Spirit Power every turn and a Spell Card 1 Post-ATK effect also grants between 0.50 and 1.75 Spirit Power. For the most part, T5 Tenshi isn’t going to be struggling too much when it comes to Spirit Power.

One Track Minded Anomaly in Heaven

T5 Tenshi can successfully flood an enemy with Burn and Poison anomalies, mostly Burn. While this is great for pulling off a full-break towards an enemy, this only really works on a single enemy and not all of them. Assuming she is up against multiple enemies, she might have to rely on other allies to help out in case there is a bit of awkwardness in T5 Tenshi’s anomaly management, whether it be enemies who don’t get inflicted with either anomaly, or even enemies without the elemental weaknesses in T5 Tenshi’s arsenal.

In Need of Down to Earth Offensive Buffs

While T5 Tenshi does have some helpful Yang DEF debuffs, the only form of Yang ATK comes in her Last Word, and it’s definitely possible to work with those buffs and debuffs. That said, CRIT ATK is definitely lacking to say the least. This hurts especially because of T5 Tenshi’s strong Killers, which can still be made up for through Story Cards and/or team support.

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