Should You Pull? Prayer “Imperishable Trickster Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you’re loyal to the rabbit of fortune. The A8 family in Touhou LostWord is now finally picking up steam when it comes to new additions, and with our 4th new one being a blessing (or a curse depending on her potential schemes) via the Imperishable Trickster Festival, could we finally discover more presences from this eternal world? Regardless, this Prayer comes with an Ascending Step-UP (60 God Crystals on Step 1) and 2 new Story Cards introduced here! So how fortunate is A8 Tewi when it comes to her kit?

To be honest, maybe the karma of all those pranks inflicted on others around her may have caught up in the form of a somewhat lackluster kit. Granted, she will most likely find a way to stand out in one way or another, like thanks to her strong Killer range that is similar to A8 Mokou (Human, Youkai, Soul, Shrine Maiden, Sage, Magician, Maid, Half-Human Half-Phantom, Vampire, Ghost and Incident Resolver) as well as her debuff potential potentially coming in handy. She does also have CRIT ATK buffs for the team via Spell Card 1 and Last Word Pre-ATK, and she can benefit from Blind and Paralyze buffs that lead into her getting her own offensive buffs…at the expense of some allies, but more on that later. Some other notable positives A8 Tewi can provide include being able to remove 2 Binds/Stat debuffs for herself via Spell Card 2 Post-ATK as well as potential in debuffs including Yin DEF, CRIT DEF, CRIT Evasion and even some Evasion, mainly from Skills.

Granted, these debuffs are not able to mitigate some of A8 Tewi’s lacking buffs such as Yin ATK and Accuracy. CRIT ATK could be worse but the above Pre-ATK effects for CRIT ATK make up for that. Sadly, outside of her Blind anomalies, she can’t quite manage to naturally get her important buffs up well, and even with her Blind anomalies inflicted to buff her power, you still have to be careful that her enemies don’t suffer from it. Fellow Eientei resident, A8 Reisen would definitely appreciate it, however, it would hinder someone like A8 Mokou instead.

Her breaking potential is not the most impressive in the world since her choice of elements are handled alright for that specific attack (3 of 2 elements for both Spell Cards and Last Word), but having to juggle Water, Wood, Fire and Earth may be a little tedious. To add to that, her anomaly breaking is a little limited, just being Blind and just being achievable through Focus Shot (1P) and Last Word (3P), which is a bit disappointing if you wanted to use a Spell Card to pull this off, and maybe other allies can do the breaking for this bunny.

So with that out of the way regarding this devious Earth Rabbit, this Prayer does still come with 2 new Story Cards. First up is a 5★ Story Card called Fireworks Bullet Battle, featuring Sumireko in the art! Sadly the effects aren’t amazing as the CRIT ATK and Yin ATK debuffs it entails aren't easy to make use of, as well as the 30% damage reduction from supernaturals. It does however have a decent Yang ATK stat stick, but that’s about it really. Next up is a 4★ Story Card which in terms of art may be approved by Rinnosuke fans called The Owner of Kourindou! This one boosts Normal bullets by 20% which isn’t bad, but it is a bit overshadowed by the farmable Nameless Adventurers.

Featured Story Card "Fireworks Bullet Battle"!

Featured Story Card for "The Owner of Kourindou"!

So back to A8 Tewi…for a Rabbit of Fortune, she really got the short end of the stick when it came to her kit, even with the strong Killers that she has. This one will just be for the Tewi appreciators who will definitely be happy to get themselves their 3rd Tewi variant, but for everyone else, it’s recommended to just spend 60 God Crystals on the first Step of the Ascending Step-UP for that sweet dust. Outside of that, you might want to consider doing a little bit of saving up in terms of resources for the time being, especially with Dev Letter #26 coming up on September 12th!

And with that said, for those who are not clover this Prayer, best of luck to those who want to be blessed with fortune via this totally pure and innocent Earth Rabbit!

Quick Overview

A8 Tewi Inaba is a Destroy-Class Friend with CRIT DEF and CRIT Evasion debuffs on enemies as well as usage of Blind anomalies.

Fortunate Killer Range

Having Killers like Human, Youkai, Soul, Shrine Maiden, Sage, Magician, Maid, Half-Human Half-Phantom, Vampire, Ghost and Incident Resolver makes A8 Tewi very likely to land her Critical Hits rather often.

Helpful Debuffs

A8 Tewi is a bit more focused on the debuffing side of things, and we see that in her Skills and Spell Cards with Yin DEF, CRIT DEF, Evasion and CRIT Evasion being debuffed. With the above Killers, those CRIT DEF debuffs will definitely become that bit stronger for A8 Tewi and any other Friends who can land CRITs.>/p>

Blindsiding Bunny

Being able to gain offensive buffs via Blind and Paralyze anomalies is a good thing for A8 Tewi. In fact, it’s her only surefire way to grant herself Yin ATK, but Blinding fellow allies with her Skill 3 has its drawbacks if they cannot benefit from it, like being less likely to hit with their attacks. Otherwise, they will appreciate it, like her fellow A8 Reisen for example.

Egg Basket of Elements

A8 Tewi also doesn’t have a very consistent set of elements, as both Shots use Water and Wood, Spell Card 1 has Water and Earth, Spell Card 2 has Earth and Fire and her Last Word Wood and Fire. It’s not the messiest way to go about elements in the world but it could possibly be better. It may also be a bit awkward to go about her Last Word, as it’s half Light and half Laser.

Struggles with Offensive Buffs, mainly Yin ATK

A8 Tewi’s only source of Yin ATK is when she is inflicted by Blind anomalies. While the debuffs she can bring to the table sort of make up for this, like with Yin DEF debuffs, she is otherwise rather lacking in that field. She does have ways of buffing her team’s CRIT Accuracy and CRIT ATK, the former mainly being through a Spell Card and Last Word, but that’s as far as it goes, aside from the uncertain Yin ATK buffs on bullet lines. A8 Tewi will really need some support in Yin ATK, Accuracy, and even some CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy to some extent.

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