Should You Pull? Prayer: “Medical Automaton Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you like this character. It’s been a bit of a gap since her world’s Alice Margatroid appeared, but now it’s B5 Medicine Melancholy’s time to join in on the fun! Having the highest HP in the game at 10000 is definitely quite the achievement in itself, and there are also other ways for her to heal up the team, whether it be getting rid of Barrier Anomalies or removing their Binds/Stat Debuffs, she can definitely do her part to keep the team healthy. She also likes to inflict her fair share of Poison anomalies too, whether it’s in the enemies to slightly weaken their Yang Stats, or to give to the team (be careful with Yang allies who suffer from Poison!), and by being able to gain 0.20 Spirit Power when inflicted with a layer of Burn or Paralyze, she definitely has that synergy with B5 Alice Margatroid, meaning you could pull off some fun stuff with those two together. But what could be holding her back?

Well…she is a little inexperienced despite her pros, and maybe that translates into her kit, such as her awkward mix of Yin and Yang bullet lines. B5 Medicine has a great Yang ATK stat at 1825, so she definitely likes her Yang power, but her Yin ATK is at 825, and with all the Yin lines in her kit, even on her Last Word, her damage ceiling becomes a little more bounded. Even then, her Last Word does have the potential to do good damage on an enemy, especially if the Killers do land, such as Human, Lunar Capital and Capital (hopefully the stars align when it comes to enemies too). Even then, it’s a shame her Last Word isn’t fully Yang, as a specific enemy’s decimation could be that bit more satisfying, but B5 Medicine is just making do with the tools she has. Her breaking, for modern Ultra Festival standards, is a little lacking, since while the Metal breaks she does have are not bad by any means, she can’t exactly rely on alternative methods for great breaking, as shown by other elements scattered around in her kit. Poison anomaly breaking is only achieved with her Solo-Targeting Last Word and her All-Targeting Focus Shot, which isn’t too impressive sadly.

Now with that said, it’s time to welcome 2 new Story Cards into the game as a result of this Prayer! First up is Immortal Battle to the Death, immortalized into the game with a 25% boost of both Heavy and Laser, while also healing the user’s HP by 30%. A more niche card, but Mokou and Kaguya enjoyers will like this one. Next up is actually very solid for a 4 Star Story Card, and it is called Professional Douser with our favorite mouse, Nazrin! Boosting Metal by 30% as well as increasing Yang ATK by 1 stage, but lasting 3 turns allows you to have a little fun with a cheaper card in certain card setups, extending that Yang ATK buff for longer than usual. If either of these cards pique your interest, the option to pull 50 times for the former, or 30 times for the latter is right there.

Featured Story Card for "Immortal Battle to the Death"!

Featured Story Card for "Professional Douser"!

For those who want to pray for a safe and healthy hospitality in the Underground Waste Ward while praying for their Automaton to come home, best of luck to everyone who wishes to get themselves their own personal healthcare assistant! (Hopefully she has warmed up to humans by then.)

Quick Overview

B5 Medicine Melancholy is a Heal-Class Friend with a sky-high HP Stat, solid anomaly utility, and a good chunk of Metal breaks.

H-H-High Healing

B5 Medicine’s high HP being at 10000 (the highest in the game as of her release) means her team will be able to recover their HP very easily via 2 of her Skills. Since the amount of HP healed for the team is dependent on the healer’s HP (in this case, B5 Medicine), in most cases, anyone with considerably lower HP will easily be sure to have full HP again. She also heals anomalies on her team (be careful if they are ones the team benefits from) as well as the team’s Binds/Stat debuffs via Skill 3 and Spell Card 1 in addition to Passive 3 healing her own ones every turn.

Good Chunk of Metal Breaks

With 6 Metal breaks on her Last word and both Spell Cards having 3 layers of Metal, B5 Medicine isn’t bad at all when it comes to this element.

General Breaking Aside from Metal is Lackluster

While the aforementioned Metal breaks are solid, other elements being scattered in her Shots and Spell Cards as well as only being able to break Poison anomalies outside of All-Targeting Focus Shot and Solo-Targeting Last Word really can be a hindrance. You could use all those Poison breaks to further weaken a conventional enemy’s Yang stats for damage output, but that leads us to our other downside…

S-S-Struggles with Damage

A mix of Yin and Yang in her kit hurts B5 Medicine a lot, especially in her Last Word. Despite the Specular Bullets on the Yin lines, her Yang ATK at 1825 compared with her Yin ATK at 825 is a drastic difference, and it leaves you wondering what could have been if her Last Word was purely Yang. That aside, the Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuff on an enemy is huge, and if her Killers land (mainly Human, Lunar Capital and Capital on Line 1), you can still get a good outcome here.

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