Should You Pull? Prayer “Nebulous Nosferatu Ultra Festival”

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Should You Pull?

If you are in need of a strong magical healer or really like Remilia, she is recommended. Otherwise, feel free to skip if you are covered for healers. It’s Magical Girl Season again, and this time, following the footsteps of a Zodiac-themed Puppeteer comes a vampire of the Scarlet Stars. Wielding a Star Gungnir and a white and pink design made to impress her dear younger sister, Z3 Remilia Scarlet is ready to land fatal attacks on those monsters opposing her. Is it destiny for her to be a Magical Girl on a quest to eradicate those monsters? It would seem so. Anyways, this Magical Girl in question comes to us via the Nebulous Nosferatu Ultra Festival Prayer, and it comes with a somewhat appropriate 4 Story Card as well as a returning 5Story Card for Yin Healers, and your first God Crystal Prayer will cost 300 God Crystals instead of the usual 600. So does this vampire have what it takes to save the day? Let’s go over her!

The 6th variant of Remilia Scarlet is a Heal-Class Friend which has been shown great potential, but you can definitely say this healer can compete with those that came before too. When it comes to pure healing, what sets her apart is her having Absorb Bullets on every single bullet line, really making sure she can keep herself healthy when attacking. In addition, being able to restore 15% of her max HP every turn via her Passive 3 can be rather helpful too. This can extend to her team as well, with HP restoration for them achieved via 2 Skills and her Last Word. In terms of other tricks that can fall under the healing umbrella, like previous healers, Z3 Remilia has what it takes to remove those Binds/Stat debuffs on all her allies via both a Skill and Spell Card, and can help restore Barriers too. In terms of pure healing, Z3 Remilia does her job well.

Now going from healing to a more offensive side, she is able to do what it takes to pull off massive damage. First and foremost, not only does Z3 Alice have strong Killers, but so does Z3 Remilia, having the following: Youkai, Soul, Kaiju, Magical Girl, Magician, Machine and Devil. The first two together are huge when it comes to landing CRITs on a good chunk of foes, but maybe you can get some mileage out of the other 5, although it’s to a much lesser extent. In addition, Z3 Remilia comes with helpful Spirit Power on her Skills, lengthy Yin ATK and Yin DEF all in a Skill for the whole team to reap the benefits of, and can even use those Yin DEF buffs to help her Hard Scaling and even benefit some Yin friends too. If you need her to do damage, Z3 Remilia will not disappoint.

Now as great as she is on the offensive side, we didn’t mention anything about CRIT ATK because sadly…there is a fatal flaw when it comes to her lack of CRIT ATK buffs, and while some of the CRIT DEF debuffs scattered around on her foes can mitigate this, Z3 Remilia not having CRIT ATK to further capitalize on her strong Killer range is a downside sadly. In addition, a lesser setback would be that she also does not have a way to stack up Accuracy, since while it’s great to grant the team Accuracy buffs via Grazing, she can’t keep them up by herself, meaning that if she ends up not being able to Graze for whatever reason, not being able to ensure a hit on somebody could become a cause for concern for some. And finally, her breaking potential, whether it be elemental or anomalies aren’t particularly outstanding sadly. They aren’t bad by any means, but having to mix 3 elements (Moon, Fire and Star) together is a bit awkward, and Moon ends up suffering from it compared to Star and Fire. In addition, her anomaly breaking somewhat struggles compared to other Friends, since the only way she can break anomalies of her foes is by her Last Word at 3P, and you’ll most likely use that one for damage. In the meantime an enemy can still suffer the consequences of her Solo-Targeting Spell Card 2 which can inflict 2 anomalies on that target, as well as 2 more on all of the opposing side. This is more situational if anything, but there could still be some awkwardness there, unless you can make this work.

With that said, it’s new Story Card Spotlight time! The new addition is rather fitting as we have a new 4 Story Card called Blood Moon Singing Contest with Remilia and Flandre performing in the art in question, and accompanying them is the returning 5★ Card being Solo Act! Both these cards actually have something in common, they both boost Yin ATK for 3 turns, and although the new addition only grants 1 stage, people may appreciate the 3 turn duration which for a 4★ card, this is actually not a bad card if you’re desperate for one of these. However, you may have already gotten copies of Solo Act which also boosts Yin ATK by 3 Stages for 3 Turns. Both of these have their benefits, but the latter is only really good for Yin Healers like Z3 Remilia for example, so keep that in mind. These are by no means bad cards though!

Featured Story Card "Solo Act"!

Featured Story Card "Blood Moon Singing Contest"!

So…does Z3 Remilia deserve your cubes? If you are currently lacking a strong healer, go for it, otherwise, she isn’t super mandatory and you can save your resources for a future Friend that may appeal to you more. That said, if you are a huge Remilia fan, it goes without saying you might go all in on her Prayer regardless, and she will certainly not disappoint you whether you really like her, or need a solid healer. In terms of Ultra Festival Healers, Z3 Remilia is able to compete with the likes of B3 Toyohime, E1 Koakuma and S2 Satori and can definitely outperform Y5 Tewi and B5 Medicine. What’s more, if you are fortunate enough for her to come your way, the aforementioned Story Cards also serve as a nice bonus too!

Now as the magic starts to unfold, best of luck to those who wish to seek out a charismatic Magical Girl of Scarlet Stars!

Looks like this is going to be a magical night…

Quick Overview

Z3 Remilia Scarlet is a Heal-Class Friend with vast healing capabilities mainly for herself, strong damage potential, and is able to sprinkle in a bit of anomaly breaking here and there.

Clerical Devil

This variant of Remilia Scarlet is constantly healing, whether it’s for herself or for the team. From her vast amount of Absorb bullets always healing her up, to her Passive 3 constantly healing her HP by 15%, to having 2 Skills that can heal up the team’s HP by 60% each! In addition, she is reliable when it comes to Barrier restoration, Bind Removal for the team on both a Skill and Spell Card, and while her anomaly healing is selfish here, this could be seen as an overall blessing in disguise given the kinds of units that benefit from being inflicted with specific anomalies.

Magical Power

Just like the Magical Girl released before, Z3 Remilia has just as strong of a Killer range, with Soul and Youkai spearheading them all. These two alone are collectively strong and will be guaranteed to CRIT a good chunk of enemies which makes her great for more than just healing. In addition, being able to grant the team healthy amounts of Yin ATK and Yin DEF via means like Skill 3 helps a ton for Yin allies, and on top of that, being able to grant the team immediate Accuracy buffs when Grazing can very well come in handy.

Fire, Moon and Star to Juggle

Z3 Remilia’s breaking potential at times is pretty good, but in other instances can be slightly awkward to work with. Her way of anomaly breaking isn’t bad by any means, but it’s much easier for her to pull this off when focused on a specific enemy, as her Solo-Targeting Spell Card 2 inflicts 2 layers of Burn to all enemies, then 2 layers of Burn to a specific target. In addition, the only way to anomaly break all enemies is her Last Word at 3P. In addition, trying to mix those Moon, Fire and Star breaks can be a pain, and while you can make some use of Fire and Star given their frequent lines on specific attacks, Moon is really lacking here, and in some cases, may have hindered the potential of the other 2 elements.

Graze to Hit?

Z3 Remilia is able to grant the team Accuracy when she Grazes, and while she can keep this up well with how much she can do this, if there comes a situation where she can’t do so (ran out of Grazes or is Graze locked for example), if no Story Cards or support is there, it becomes a pain to make sure the team’s Accuracy is on point.

Critical Lack of CRIT ATK

Despite some of the CRIT DEF debuffs on her foes, Z3 Remilia ultimately misses out on those all-important CRIT ATK buffs that would greatly put emphasis on her strong Killer range and great damage potential, although this is nothing that external support and Story Cards can’t fix, as the heart of the Story Cards can help bring out the best in this magical vampire.

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