Should You Pull? Prayer “Scarlet Synth Symphony Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you like Lyrica/the Prismrivers, otherwise, please prepare and save up your Seal Crystals. Halloween may be over now, but the treat that is the Prismriver Tour isn’t done yet! Starting off with Lunasa, then followed by Merlin, we now have A6 Lyrica Prismriver as the last of this version of the Prismriver trio via the Scarlet Synth Symphony Festival Prayer! This also comes with a beloved 5★ Story Card and a new 4★ Story Card strung up as well as the usual Ascending Step-UP starting with 60 God Crystals and finishing with 460 God Crystals, which makes Step 1 as appealing as ever! So does this Poltergeist Keyboardist have the keys to the kingdom…or mansion in this case?

Unfortunately, A6 Lyrica Prismriver doesn’t look particularly impressive, at least in comparison to her sisters that came before, but it’s not all bad. This Keyboard-playing Poltergeist is a Speed-Class Friend that is capable of providing some helpful support in the form of Spirit Power, Accuracy and even Agility for those who benefit from Slice Scaling. She also gains some Yang ATK for herself and can debuff the Yang DEF of her enemies with her Spell Cards’ bullet lines and Last Word which could also help some allies. In addition, like her sisters, she has a solid Killer range in the form of Soul, Youkai, Dream World, Vampire, Undead, Devil, Maid and Magician. This can be capitalized on if she gets support via CRIT ATK, and that is a huge “if”...

…Because A6 Lyrica absolutely lacks the CRIT ATK to take advantage of those guaranteed CRITs she could get, in addition to no CRIT DEF debuffing too. In addition, her damage potential isn’t particularly impressive compared to her sisters as this is partly due to not having an ability that boosts her elemental bullets that are effective or resisted by enemies, as well as somewhat average Slice Scaling. Ultimately, A6 Lyrica’s flaws are a bit more obvious than her sisters, especially the missing CRIT ATK, but the lacking damage could potentially not be an issue in some cases, like in farming or even in some clear content.

Speaking of farming and clear content, when it comes to A6 Lyrica’s Evasion buffs for the team and Accuracy debuffs on enemies, this isn’t going to mean a lot for farming, This might mean a bit more in clear content since it could be the difference between an ally surviving and being knocked out. In addition, her breaking potential is partly strong and partly flawed. Her access to 3 elements being Fire, Earth and Star is a bit awkward, since while the Fire elements appear consistently, Earth and Star clash a bit with Earth appearing in Spell Card 1 and Last Word and Star being on Spell Card 2. Meanwhile, on the anomaly side of things, specific enemies can be subjected to multiple Poison anomalies inflicted on them, ready to be broken with ease. With 2 Poison anomalies inflicted on all enemies with Skill 1, and 4 Poison anomalies inflicted on a single target via Spell Card 2 Pre-ATK as well as an additional layer in a bullet line, a single enemy could end up being fully broken with such ease once using A6 Lyrica’s Spell Card 2 at 2P. However, this is a bit awkward against multiple enemies as the only way to pull this off on them is through her Last Word at 3P. Speaking of anomaly breaking, if it’s possible, A6 Lyrica can also pull off Paralyze anomaly breaks in the same ways if it’s possible.

Well on that note, it’s that time for Story Card Spotlight again! With A6 Lyrica in this Prayers comes a popular 5★ Story Card known as Ability Cards?, a way of increasing the Accuracy of all allies by 3 stages (3T), increasing the Agility of them also by 3 stages (3T) as long as the Friend using this card is a Speed-Class Friend (like A6 Lyrica for example), and can decrease damage from tengu enemies by 25% (2T). The newcomer Story Card is a 4★ one with Yamame called Dark Cave, Bright Webs and it has another effect for Speed-Class Friends, this one being an Agility debuff on all enemies (2T) as well as another effect that reduces damage against enemies from the Underworld by 20% (2T).

Featured Story Card "Ability Cards?"!

Featured Story Card "Dark Cave, Bright Webs"!

So why did this article start with recommending to skip and save up your Seal Crystals, even if “Ability Cards?” is such a beloved Story Card (unless you are a huge fan of Lyrica)? Well simply, with how close we are to the Touhou LostWord Global 2.5 Anniversary, players will generally want to be prepared for what is to come, and with a special Dev Letter to look forward to, you know that what is to come this month will be massive! In fact, some Shorts on the game’s Global YouTube channel are appearing and steadily building up hype for what’s to come thanks to their previews! Meanwhile, A6 Lyrica Prismriver may not be an awful Friend on her own, but given how A-Series Friends have multiple ways of being available again, like conventional reruns and even Forever Prayers as well as A6 Lyrica not doing anything notable to set herself apart from the rest of the competition, this isn’t something worth sinking Seal Crystals in at this point, even with a strong Story Card to consider. This is why it’s only recommended to take advantage of the Ascending Step-UP via 60 God Crystals on Step 1, and maybe even 160 on Step 2 if you want, but no further than that as it’s good to prepare for the perfect storm that is the approaching 2.5 Anniversary.

On that note, for the special fans of the Poltergeist Keyboardist and the Prismriver Sisters, best of luck to you and let’s hope your Prayers strike a chord with her!

Quick Overview

A6 Lyrica Prismriver is a Speed-Class Friend with team support via Spirit Power, Agility, Accuracy and Evasion as well as being able to inflict/break Poison anomalies, especially on a specific enemy.

Keys of Support

Accuracy, Agility and Even Spirit Power, A6 Lyrica has what it takes to help out the team in this regard via Skills, Spell Cards and Ability. Accuracy is gifted by Boosting and by using Skill 3, Agility is granted to the team through Skill 1, Grazing and Spell Card 1 Pre-ATK, and Spirit Power for the team is gained via Skill 3 (0.25) and Spell Card 1 Post-ATK (0.85). It’s also worth noting that Skill 3 can be used every other turn so Accuracy buffs will always be there for allies, and that bit of Spirit Power every 2 turns never hurts.

Killers and Yang Buffs

Like her sisters from A6, this version of the Poltergeist Keyboardist has the same solid Killers to land surefire CRITs on a good chunk of enemies: Soul, Youkai, Dream World, Vampire, Undead, Devil, Maid and Magician are the group of Killers that A6 Lyrica can take advantage of. In addition, she can give herself a bit of Yang ATK via Skill 2 and Last Word Pre-ATK as well as debuff the Yang DEF of her enemies also via Last Word Pre-ATK and some Spell Card bullet lines.

Poltergeist Poison and Element of Surprise

Having 3 elements isn’t the easiest thing in the world to juggle, and in A6 Lyrica’s case, she has Earth, Fire and Star to work with. While the Fire element is rather solid all things considered, the elemental breaking potential in Earth and Star clashes a little. In addition, A6 Lyrica will only be able to break all Poison Barriers via Last Word at 3P, and with all enemies subject to being inflicted with Poison via Skill 1 and a single enemy hit with 4 of it (and another via a bullet line) via Solo-Targeting Spell Card 2 which can be broken at 1P. Against a specific enemy, A6 Lyrica is a strong Poison anomaly breaker, but unless you’re using her Last Word for Poison anomaly breaking, things could be awkward if you want to pull this off against multiple enemies, although being able to inflict all enemies with it via Skill 1 could be helpful for allies.

Is Team Evasion Key?

Like some Speed-Class Friends that came before, A6 Lyrica also has some Evasion buffs that the team can benefit from (as well as Accuracy debuffs via Spell Card 2 Pre-ATK), which in clear content could find some use in terms of surviving attacks should Grazing not be available. However, if you want to try farming on a specific stage, this is simply something that isn’t going to do much for A6 Lyrica or any teammates.

Critical Flaw

One thing you may have seen a notable lack of is A6 Lyrica’s absence of CRIT ATK buffs, and even CRIT DEF debuffs. If you want to help her with damage and taking advantage of Killers, definitely consider Story Cards that buff just that. It could be worth slightly buffing Yang ATK a little more while at it, but that’s a far less concern.

Seemingly Low Damage Potential

Even if CRIT ATK is accounted for and Killers are connected, A6 Lyrica struggles with damage output, especially compared to her sisters. For example, her mediocre Slice Scaling, no way of dealing additional damage with elements that are effective/resisted by enemies. That said, it might be possible to clear content just fine if using A6 Lyrica for damage, but it’s not going to be the best, especially if struggling with the aforementioned CRIT ATK issue.

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