Should You Pull? Ultra Festival: Compendium of Advanced Knowledge

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Article by Minzhire

Should You Pull?

Yes. The cute butler of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is powerful in her own right - boasting high damage, plentiful barrier breaking, and versatile utility. This puts her in a position where she is the most desirable position to get right now. However, there are some banners which can provide nearly as much value as Koakuma herself. Namely, the 2M Downloads banner that features powerful friends like A6 Reimu Hakurei and A11 Koishi Komeiji just to name a few. E1 Koakuma does have unique abilities compared to these characters, so either banner can come useful, whether it comes to having powerful and rare abilities, or faster to raise and powerful characters in their own right. 

Another banner to consider that is running parallel to E1 Koakuma’s banner, would be the magician of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, E1 Patchouli. While the magician does have her own set of tools, she serves more of a companion banner to Koakuma, and thus may not be as appealing to others.

Quick Overview

Character Strengths:

+ Wide range of Metal and Moon elemental access as well as great access to Burn breaks.
+ Amazing damage potential due to Killers and Bullet Scalings.
+ Utility is high end based on what her spell cards and skills can offer.
+ Best Spirit P supporter for longer fights.

Character Weaknesses:

- No innate CRIT ATK source impedes her damage potential.
- Lack of accuracy buffs messes with her damage consistency.

Kit Overview

E1 Koakuma

Koakuma (Compendium of Advanced Magic)

E1 Koakuma’s main claim to fame would be her utility. With her skills providing powerful buffs like Yin ATK, Yang ATK, and Spirit Power, Koakuma can support the party fairly well. She supplements this further with inflicting burn anomalies, removing binds from the party, as well as barrier restoration. Her spell cards are also very powerful, all of which provide Metal and Moon breaks.

Koakuma’s skills provide a variety of useful benefits, ranging from heal-based effects to party-wide damage boosts. Her 1st skill, Evil Healing, heals the party with 80% of their HP as well as 2 Barrier Status healing and 2 Barrier recovery. Her 2nd skill, Magic Supply, provide 0.5P UP plus 3 YIN ATK and YANG ATK buffs to the party. At max level, this skill's cooldown drops to 3 turns, allowing you to really supply your party with magic! Lastly, her 3rd skill, Dealing Blaze, inflicts 2 layers of Burn anomalies to all her foes, as well as using her devilish powers to dispel a Bind or stat debuff inflicted to the party, all the while providing her with 1.25 P up.

Koakuma's spell cards are also no slouch. With her 1st spell card, Magic Sign: Laplace's Demon, she can easily break a single foe's burn anomalies due to the card inflicting an additional 4 layers of Burn anomalies while having the ability to break the anomalies with 3 boosts. In addition, she can remove a Bind or stat debuff on herself. Her 2nd Spell Card, Magic Sign: Twin Paradox, serves as another source of utility as not only does it provide 2 levels of both DEF ups, but it also reduces damage done by Star elements by 50%. Finally, her Last Word, Szilard's Engine, inflicts 3 layers of Burn and Yin DEF down, which significantly boosts her damage output. In addition, she heals the party and removes their anomalies to boot!

Barrier breaks wise, Koakuma has a great deal of barrier breaks with a focus towards Moon and Metal. With all of her spell cards having a spread of 3 Metal and 3 Moon, Koakuma can break these barriers with ease especially when combined with her anomaly breaks. 

All in all, Koakuma can do it all! Not only does she serve as a cute butler to help you in your quests, but she will also deal with your problems with much gusto. She may want some support from time to time, but she can deal with most enemies by her own.

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