Fairies Under the Hot Sun



Level: 10
Health 275
Yin Defense 85


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, Yang ATK 1 level UP (2 turns).
Spell Card's Fire power 10% UP (1 turn).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, Yang ATK 2 levels UP (2 turns).
Spell Card's Fire power 10% UP (1 turn).


Story 1
Cirno is an ice fairy who can be spotted around the Misty Lake. Ice is her element, so her power is useless in the summer... Or so you'd think! Better watch out, lest you find yourself suffering from frostbite.
Story 2
Daiyousei is a fairy who can almost always be found by Cirno's side. Since Cirno is the strongest fairy ever (or so she says), Daiyousei might be the strongest in another sense, since she is around Cirno all the time.
Story 3
Summer has come to Gensokyo! ...Which is bad news for Cirno, who cannot handle the heat. She goes looking for somewhere to cool off, but since there is no sea in Gensokyo, everyone gathers by the river. Cirno makes her way to the Genbu Ravine, but it is already crowded with fairies and youkai cooling themselves off. "This place's MINE!" she exclaims, aiming Freeze Sign: Perfect Freeze at the rabble.
Story 4
The river freezes solid, just like the blood in Dai's veins will when she sees this. Cirno is exhausted after using her power under the searing sun, so she wobbles toward the ice-covered river... where she finds herself surrounded by furious kappa! Brace yourself, Cirno!
Story 5
Nitori is enraged. How dare that fairy turn her dwelling into an ice rink?! Brandishing her custom drill, she breaks the ice under Cirno and plunges her into the water. The ice fairy tries to get out of the river, but she ends up freezing herself in place instead! It does not look like Cirno will be getting out any time soon, even with Dai's help... Don't give up, Dai!