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Yumeno Rote
Obtained From: Challenge Quest


Level: 10
Yin Attack 112
Yin Defense 38


Base Ability
Spell Card's Star power 25% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Sharp Bullet power 25% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, adds 1 layer to own Barrier.
Max Ability
Spell Card's Star power 50% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Sharp Bullet power 50% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used, adds 1 layer to own Barrier.


Story 1
"Wake up, O devil of destruction. You are doomed to never be loved, but I love you and no one else." I have always watched Flandre Scarlet. I was the whole world to her until just a short while ago. This fate where we meet feels strange to me. Why weren't we able to meet earlier? And why do I feel this way?
Story 2
The Scarlet Devil Mansion is made up of the mistress, Remilia Scarlet; the head maid, Sakuya Izayoi: the mistress's friend who is also a magician, Patchouli Knowledge; the gatekeeper, Hong Meiling; a devil familiar; fairy maids; hobgoblin servants; and a pet tupai, that might not actually be a tupai. Flandre, do you need the Scarlet Devil Mansion? Yes or no?
Story 3
495 years is Flandre's record for not going outside. She has probably gotten used to being alone by now. It's hard to believe that she would suddenly take an interest in the outside world after all this time, let alone go on a rampage to relieve her frustration. So why did she refuse to disappear?
Story 4
Does Flandre have friends? Once something is learned, there's no going back. And Flandre learned how fun battles of bullets were when she met the shrine maiden and the magician. She was also taken on an adventure outside her room and has treasured those memories ever since. Flandre... You should go crazy and keep on destroying for eternity. But I'm sure you've realized that fate has something extra in store for you.
Story 5
Flandre. Your whole world was just a tiny room, but not anymore. Go. Grab hold of your hate, sorrow, anger, and fear... and destroy them all.