Sporadically Margaret

Yumeno Rote
Obtained From: Ruins of Memories


Level: 10
Yang Attack 42
Yin Attack 108


Base Ability
Spell Card's Sharp Bullet power 25% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Wood power 20% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used by Attack type unit, all targets' CRIT DEF 1 level DOWN (3 turns).
Max Ability
Spell Card's Sharp Bullet power 50% UP (1 turn).
Spell Card's Wood power 40% UP (1 turn).
When Spell Card is used by Attack type unit, all targets' CRIT DEF 1 level DOWN (3 turns).


Story 1
"I do not have any words. I have no words, but if I could speak words, it would be like this. Now then, tonight's other world is different from the rest. Destinies have deposited one atop the other to form strata. Is there only one fossil or a whole ruin that has not yet seen the light of day?" If my dear ■■ is my strongest creation, then I suppose Alice would be the strongest boss I created. Although, "my"... isn't quite correct as a portion of myself created them. It's confusing, but my consciousness is complete with just a part of me, so a part is still essentially "me." This segment is supposed to be about Alice, so I think that's enough talking about myself. Back then, Alice was one of the humans of Makai I created―an inhabitant of Makai. And it seems she later became a being of magic, a magician. She took the surname Margatroid around that time after a certain series of events. That is her past in my world, but is it the same in yours? "You" do not exist in any world. You shouldn't exist in any world, yet here you are. Why is that?
Story 2
My dear Alice named one of her dolls Shanghai. She is very cute. Unfortunately, giving her a name made her individually susceptible to a Lost Word. I could call Alice a fool... but I cannot really blame her. It seems that the Alice of this world named another doll Hourai. Did she give all her dolls names to remind her of the journey she went on while making her dolls? Did she do it to save her memories? Yes, doing that would probably make it easier to use them as familiars. My dear Alice was particularly fond of using these two dolls, Shanghai and Hourai. So... if they ever happened to gain sentience, I'm sure they would love Alice.
Story 3
The "ma" in Makai means something evil. Something that rebels against order and disturbs the peace of the living. It is something that will always remain as the final probability. Makai encompasses all the places where the light of civilization created by humans doesn't shine. There is a civilization independent of other civilizations... a magic civilization that led to magic cities and magic countryside. Makai is the world of magic that came into existence with magical power and was formed by these cities and countryside. Grimoires are magic books. They are sometimes categorized as demon books, but not all demon books are magic books. There are a few fundamental differences between magic books and other demon books. Magic books are used by mages... also called magicians or witches. There is a very strong relationship between magicians and magic items. Some magicians depending on their school of thought, style, and what they research, even consider their duty or purpose in life to be writing magic books. That is why magic books are like a copy of their magician author. When people other than the author use a magic book, they summon a consciousness that will temporarily possess them. Even an ordinary human can essentially become a being of magic, a magician, through this method... Well, as long as they can control it.
Story 4
I am the Great Mother, though again, "I" is just a part of me. I am the goddess who gives birth to all of Makai and nurtures all of Makai. You could say that Makai exists upon my body. I love all of Makai, even if the residents of Makai stop believing in gods. "They claim honorable lineage to the child of the dragon. And we are a united people who gather around the dragon's stomach..."
Story 5
Little Alice is the form the magic book, "the Grimoire of Alice," took after being imbued with the God of Makai's will. It was probably able to harbor a part of the goddess who created Makai because it is a magic book where the ultimate magics are written. But as a result, it is also a new type of Makai being that can ignore the orders of gods and enjoy freedom. "Praise me. Commend me. The god made me imitate a god. I was made anew right now. I was born once again. The god made us into the forms of gods. That is why the forms of humans, our forms, are the forms of gods. We will also continue to create forms of humans and forms of gods."