Tier List Change Log (v0.0010) - 8/16/2019

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Tier List Change Log

  • Prerelease Datamine Characters added!

Below each of the new Sync Pairs and their placements are described.

Changelog Details

V0.0010 8/16/2019

Large overhauls to the Tier List have been made! The following changes were implemented:

  • All 181 in-game effects have been individually assigned a Tier Point (TP) score. A table describing Tier Point Scoring by Effects has been added!
  • All 51 in-game Passive Skills have been added and individually assigned a TP score. This table has also been added to the Tier Point Scoring page.
  • Pokemon Tags: Pokemon with only Normal type attacks ("Normal Type Only") are now assigned a penalty of -2 TP.
  • All 8 new datamine Sync Pairs are included:
    • Lyra & Chikorita
    • Lyra & Bayleef
    • Lyra & Meganium
    • Acerola & Palossand
    • Cheren & Stoutland
    • Hilbert & Oshawott
    • Viola & Surskit
    • Viola & Masquerain
    • Koga & Crobat
    • Nanu & Persian
    • Blue & Pidgeot
    • Blue & Mega Pidgeot
  • Minor adjustments to placement of Hau & Raichu (+2), Skyla & Swanna (+3) to account for their lower placement than their practical usefulness in-game.
  • Tier List Change Logs have been implemented. Future Changes will now be included in these change logs.

New Sync Pair Placements