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So you’ve started SINoALICE and you’ve been playing for a little while, and it feels like you’ve stalled out. How is it that other people’s Points ratings just keep climbing and climbing, while yours is staying sadly the same?! How can a SINoALICE player become stronger?

Well, of course there are multiple ways to become stronger in SINoALICE. Methods such as pulling on the Grimoires, leveling your weapons and armor, and evolving your gear into higher rarities of gear are methods that most gacha gamers are probably familiar with. However, SINoALICE has other little tricks and treats that can give a new player a power boost. Unfortunately, not all of them are easy to find, especially for a new player. As such, we’re here to reveal some of these early power boosts that you can obtain without spending real money to get them.

Equip Sub-Gear


Make sure you have Sub-Gear equipped on each and every one of your Gear Sets! Sub-Gear is easy to find, but also easy to forget about. Here’s where you update your Sub-Gear:

·       Go to the “Gear” tab along the bottom of the screen

·       Hit “Edit” for any Gear Set

·       Press the “Sub-Gear” button on the lower right

Sub-Gear is where you can place all your extra gear that you can’t use because of your Class. If you’re a DPS player, fill your Sub-Gear slots with all of your Support weapons, and vice versa for Support players. You can’t equip these weapons in your main slots, so put them to good use here!

Every piece of gear you place in a Sub-Gear slot gives your Gear Set 10% of its stats. This may not seem like much, but it’s integral for maximizing your Points! Every time you pull new gear, remember to update your Sub-Gear, not just your Main Gear.

Use Items


As you’re clearing stages, you might notice that you’re picking up random items like Modest Sacks and Books of Opportunity. These seem like they should be resources for you, but where did they go, and how can you use them?

·       How to Use Sacks of Gold

Modest Sacks and their ilk claim to be sources of money, but they need to be sold in order to add to your funds. Go to the “Upgrade Sell” tab along the bottom of the screen and hit the last option in the list: “View/ Sell.”

From here, go to the “Misc” tab on the right side of the screen, and feel free to select all of your Modest and Decent Sacks and sell them for money. They serve no other purpose in the game at present.

·       TIP: How to automatically sell Sacks

Go to the “Menu” tab along the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you see “Options.” Hit “Options,” then scroll down again until you see the toggle button for “Automatically sell sacks.” This option will automatically sell any sacks you receive from the Present Box (though not ones that drop from battle stages!) saving you a little bit of time and busywork.

·       How to Use Books of Opportunity

Books of Opportunity are rare and valuable items that give you Mastery Points when used. In order to use them, go to the “Menu” tab and select the “Items” button. Scroll down until you see your Books, then hit “Use” on the right side of the screen.

There’s no reason not to use Books of Opportunity as soon as possible, so go wild with them!

Upgrade New Classes

upgrade class

When you upgrade the Class Level of your Classes by spending Mastery Points, you unlock new bonuses. There are two kinds of bonuses: Class bonuses and Common bonuses.

·       Class bonuses, like “Polearm +10%,” only apply to the Class you are leveling.

·       Common bonuses, like “M.ATK +50,” apply to EVERY Class you own!

To upgrade Classes, go to the “Upgrade Sell” tab along the bottom of the screen and hit “Upgrade Class,” the fourth option from the top.

On this screen, you can see the bonuses of the Classes you own on the top half of the screen, in a scrolling window. You can see which bonuses are Class and which are Common by checking the label on the left side of this window.

In order to increase your Points, you want to collect as many Common bonuses as possible. However, you’ll quickly notice that each Class Level costs a lot more Mastery Points than the one before it. This can make gaining new Class Levels take a while.

·       FAQ: How do I earn Mastery Points?

o   You earn Mastery Points every time you complete a stage, regardless of what kind of stage it is. The amount of Mastery Points you earn is actually dependent upon how many actions you are able to perform during the battle! The more weapons you use, the more points you get. Switch over to a Support weapon set and drag a battle out with lots of non-damaging Tomes and Instruments and you can rack up hundreds of Mastery!

Of course, this also means that buying lower Class Levels is quite cheap! If you want to gain some Points quickly, try buying the first four Class Levels of as many Classes as you can to rack up some Common bonuses!

Also, look out for the special Alternative Classes. These Classes don’t seem different from other Classes at first glance, but they have much larger stat bonuses for their Common bonuses. For example:

·       Breaker Alice gives P.ATK +50 for her Class Level 3 bonus.

·       Mage Alice is an Alternative class, and she gives M.DEF +100 for her Class Level 3 bonus!

Prioritize leveling Alternative Classes whenever possible to maximize your stat gains!

Complete Running Start Missions


You may complete some of these Missions without realizing it, but don’t forget to finish them all! The Running Start Missions are a series of starter missions that give you several valuable resources, including two Rank-SR Orbs that you can add to your Main Gear or Sub-Gear setups.

To find these Missions, go to the “Home” tab and hit the “Mission” button in the lower right corner of the screen. This brings up three tabs: Main, Daily, and Event. Go to “Event” and you will see the “Running Start” Missions if you haven’t finished them all already.

Some of the “Running Start” Missions are things you’ve probably done on your own as part of playing SINoALICE. However, some of them (i.e., “Create a Group Chat”) probably haven’t occurred to you. Check these Missions, finish them all, and reap your sweet rewards!

Buying the Starter Packs


If you need some more weapons to fill out your Gear Sets, you’re in luck: there are two Starter Packs that can help you out. And they don’t cost real money, either: they’ll just set you back a few Twilight Crystals.

Go to the “Menu” tab along the bottom of the screen and select “Shop.” You’re looking for “Items,” the third option on the Shop list. Right at the top, you should see the “Starter Pack (Vanguard Weapons)” and the “Starter Pack (Support Weapons).”

·       The Vanguard Pack contains:

o   Death’s Remains (Rank-SR Ranged)

o   Demon Spear (Rank-S Polearm)

o   Gluttonous Scythe (Rank-S Polearm)

o   Savage Crossbow (Rank-S Ranged)

o   Silent Desire (Rank-S Blade)

·       The Support Pack contains:

o   Ginger Sage (Part II) (Rank-SR Staff)

o   Book of Judgment (Rank-S Tome)

o   Dark Puppet (Rank-S Orb)

o   Monk’s Staff (Rank-S Staff)

o   War Song’s Echo (Rank-S Instrument)

Both of these packages cost 150 Twilight Crystals and can be purchased up to five times each. If you buy all five packages, you can fully Limit Break all of the weapons within immediately.

Buying one or both of these packages once is highly recommended. Buying them multiple times is more debatable. All of these weapons can be pulled in the Grimoire gachas, so you may end up with more copies than you need if you buy all five instances of a pack (and you can’t equip two different copies of the same weapon in a Gear Set). However, buying once is definitely advised.

Spend Your Medals

As part of completing Missions, finishing Events, pulling on Grimoires, running stages with your friends, and participating in Colosseum battles, you may have been earning different Medals. These Medals don’t do much good sitting in your inventory. Unless you’re saving them up for something specific, it’s a good idea to use them to increase your power level so you can run more difficult content for even more rewards!

To spend your Medals, go to the “Menu” tab along the bottom of the screen and hit “Medal Exchange.” This will bring up a list of all the Medal types currently available in SINoALICE, as well as how many you have of each. (Note that there are other places in the game that can take you to this screen; this is just the most reliable way to find it.) Hit the “Choose” button for any of these Medals and see what you can buy with them!

·       FAQ: For some advice on what you might want to prioritize with your Medals, see our Spending Medals Guide.

Run the Guerilla Events!


We’ve saved what might be the most important tip for last: Run those Guerrilla Events!!!

The Guerrilla Events are special Events that appear five times per day and last for half an hour each time. Here’s how to find them:

·       Go to the “Story” tab along the bottom of the screen.

·       Look at the “Event” icon. It looks like a big circus tent, and it has a fancy marquee icon on the top right. When this marquee is blank, there is no Guerrilla Event running. When the marquee lights up and has a Ghost face icon on it, there’s a Guerrilla Event!

·       Hit “Event” when you see the marquee is lit up, and make sure you’re on the first tab: “Limited-Time Events.” You should see the Guerrilla Events at the top of the Event list.

At present, the two Guerrilla Events that run are called “Squirming Darkness,” and there is a Weapon Power-up version and an Armor Power-up version.

Running these two events is by far the fastest and most reliable way to grind weapon EXP upgrade materials and armor EXP upgrade materials. Leveling your gear is absolutely essential for increasing your stats, so make sure you run these Guerrilla Events whenever you can!

·       TIP: Try using a site like to keep track of when the next Guerrilla Event is going to happen.

·       TIP: The Guerrilla Events cost a lot of stamina to complete. Consider saving Purification Tickets for when a Guerrilla Event is active. Alternately, if you’re close to a level-up as a Guerrilla Event is nearing, consider holding off on leveling until the event is active so you can use your free stamina refresh on it.

·       TIP: You’ll notice that Guerrilla Events last for 30 minutes, which is exactly as long as the various Vial items last. Pop a Drop Vial before a Guerrilla Event and watch the materials come rolling in!

o   FAQ: Short on Vials? You can buy them at a cost of 20 Twilight Crystals per Vial. Go to the “Menu” tab, select “Shop,” and choose “Items” to find them.


That’s all for now! What ways have you found to increase your power in SINoALICE? Let us know in the comments below!

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