Nier: Automata Shop Priorities and Bonus Medals Guide

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How to Get Bonus Nier Medals

  • Equipping Collab Weapons will increase the medals farmed.
    • Weapons can be equipped in either main or subgear to have an effect, but must be on the set used to clear the stage.
    • SR weapons will receive 1.2x Medals, increased to 1.3x when limit broken partially, and 1.4x when max limit broken.
    • S Weapons will receive 1.1x Medals, increased to 1.2x when max limit broken.
  • Participating in the Colosseum will reward 200 medals for participation, 100 for a win, and 100 for a skirmish bonus, so there's no reason not to do Colosseum!
  • Each stage has a clear bonus of 100 Nier Medals up to 8 times.  Make sure to repeat them and claim all the bonuses.  
  • Missions: Nier Medals are rewarded for clearing Nier Verses and other tasks like Evolving a weapon.  They're consistent bonuses and easy to achieve, so make sure to redeem them!
  • Login Bonus - During the event logging in will award 1,000 medals per day, up to 10,000 medals total over the event duration!

Shop and Farming Priorities

It is worth getting at least one copy of all the unique equipment at least for stat boosts.  If you're in a time crunch, prioritize it in this order:

  • Iron Pipe - Free weapons are always nice, especially a Dauntless Courage weapon at that.  It's like a better version of Deathless Agony due to Dauntless Courage.  Buy a copy first and equip it ASAP for bonus Nier Medals.
  • Simone - free nightmare that reduces SP cost for EVERY weapon.  Powerful effect on a free SR nightmare is too good to pass up.
  • 2B's Armor set - the set bonus is Nier-enemies only but the stats are nice for a set of free A->S rank armor.  (Plus, who wouldn't want to cosplay as 2B?)
  • 2B/Breaker's Arcana - as a free class, an extra free 200 P.DEF is pretty nice.
  • Machine Lifeform Nightmares - The normal one is like a Fire version of Digitalis, kind of niche, but still, free stats.  The Gun version provides increased Support skill proc chance, which is nice in theory, but unreliable.  Again, free stats.  
  • Twilight Crystals - not a unique equipment, but it feeds the gacha enthusiasts in us all.
  • After getting the Collab-exclusive items
    • Gems - these can't really be farmed, so grabbing them at any opportunity is nice. 
    • Dragon Shackles, Bird Mask, Bird Crown - these are harder to farm and always relevant for weapon evolution, so trading them from the event is well worth it.
    • If you need a power up, buying the Weapon EXP is also worth it so you can clear even more stages.
    • Duplicate copies for Limit Breaking - Focus on Simone, then Iron Pipe, then the Machines if you bought everything else you wanted/needed.

HARD MODE - Farming for Armor

  • Starting from 7/21, HARD MODE will be available, which will allow for farming the 2B Series armor.  If you are able to farm hard mode, then save your purification tickets for then.  Otherwise, farming as usual is fine.  More HARD MODE stages will unlock in the coming days.
  • It is recommended to save Purification Tickets for HARD MODE stages for more efficient farming.
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