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From the eccentric creator Yoko Taro comes a fairytale-inspired mobile RPG with a gloomy steampunk atmosphere. Its main draw is the story and soundtrack, which compliment detailed artwork in this character-collecting game. There are nine main girls-- each named after and based on a canonical folk tale-- who are the focus of the Impulse Story Arc. Following Impulse are the Hatred, Reality, and Fusion arcs.

One of the main standout features of the game is a weapon-based progression system; characters have less impact on gameplay than their equipment. The combat is also very simple-- players control only one character, with four others being Co-Op (or AI if unavailable). 

Basic Info

Genre: Real-Time JRPG, Dark Fantasy

  • Release Date (JP): June 6th, 2017
  • Release Date: (HK): November 29, 2018
  • Release Date: (TW): November 29, 2018
  • Release Date (EN): June 1st, 2020

Developer Profile

Developer Publishers

Where do I download SINoALICE?

Pre-Register on Google Play


Pre-Register Official Website / Pre-Register with Google Play / Subreddit / Facebook / App Store / APKPure

Note that there are extra rewards for pre-registering with Google Play, so be sure to do so there and on the website!

Pre-Register gifts tend to be handed out to every player upon launch, so there’s no need to pre-register reroll accounts. The Google Play pre-registration, however, will apply to bound or linked accounts.


Official Website / Twitter / App Store / Google Play / QooApp / APKPure

Note that the JP Version needs a region-specific account to be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

What else we know about SINoALICE

The EN version will be kicking off with a 2-Part NiER Collaboration, with Automata and Replicant back to back:

It will also be very friendly to rerolling, with the first 11 roll being available right away without doing any story quests.

Basic Game modes include the Guilds, Colosseum, Story, Cleaning, and Quests.

  • The Colosseum is a brief daily Guild activity that drops Charm Medals. Weapons have passives unique to this game mode as well.
  • To access Guilds, clear Chapter 2, Part 10 of a character’s Story Quest.
  • Jobs are the game’s term for Character Classes. Each character has a given list of Jobs they can do, each of which allows compatibility with four weapon types.
  • There are eight total weapon types, four armor types, and three elements--  Fire, Water, and Wind.
  • Cleaning is a minigame that involves clearing waves of Nightmares, or summonable creatures, within a 30 second time limit. This fills up AP or Stamina, to a maximum double the player’s level-based AP cap.
  • Story Quests each have three objectives, which are usually based on elemental weapons, clear time, bringing certain Nightmares, or minimum stats.