How to Get Twilight Gems in SINoALICE

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PokeLabo, SQUARE ENIX, and Nexon’s SINoALICE rewards the player with gems for playing the game in a smart way. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Yoko Taro’s bizarre mobile gacha RPG.

Story Completion

The simplest and easiest way to earn gems in SINoALICE is simply to complete Story Chapters. Each Chapter that a player completes will earn them 50 Twilight Gems, the premium currency of the game. Make sure to complete each chapter’s three missions, which can be found in the details of each at the Chapter Select menu. Some Stages offer special rewards in lieu of one of their five Twilight Gems, such as Character Jobs, Weapons, or Nightmares.

Mission Clearing

The player will receive gems for completing the Missions that can be found in the Missions menu. There are three kinds of missions:

  • Main Missions are related to player progress. Make sure to evolve and limit break weapons, armors, and nightmares for these Twilight Crystals.

  • Daily Missions can be repeated daily for regular earning of rewards.

  • Event Missions are Timed Missions that tie into the Events currently running in SINoALICE.
Gameplay Tip: Don’t use unwanted AR and SR weapons to strengthen other weapons! Fuse them instead to limit break and make powerful weapons from low rarities. The player earns 30 Twilight Gems for every five fusions for the first 1,000 fusions. That’s 6,000 gems to bankroll! Please keep in mind that this effectively trades weapon growth for currency.

Medal Shops

The player can also exchange their hard-earned Friend, Charm, or Gambler’s Medals in their respective Medal Shops for Gems. 

  • 1 Friend Medal = 5 Twilight Gems, Refreshes Daily

  • 1000 Charm Medals = 300 Twilight Gems, Refreshes Monthly

  • 1000 Gambler’s Medals = 300 Twilight Gems, after which:

  • 1500 Gambler's Medals = 300 Twilight Gems, Refreshes Monthly

Friend Medals can be earned by playing with people that either you follow or who follow you. Charm Medals are earned for winning Colosseum matches as well as the following actions performed with weapons, armor, and nightmares: limit breaking, selling A and S Ranks, and feeding. Gambler’s Medals are earned by placing bets during Grand Colosseums, the monthly PvP event.


Two great ways to grind for Twilight Gems are during Raids and Events. Raids are opened for a half hour at a time while they are active. The player can earn 1 Twilight Gem for each Raid Chapter completed during this period.

During events like NieR: Automata - Memories of the Dolls, players earn Event Medals for each Event Story Chapter they complete. These medals can be used to buy gems at the rate of:

  • 20 Medals = 1 Twilight Gem for up to 50 Twilight Gems

  • 50 Medals = 1 Twilight Gem for up to 250 Twilight Gems

The best way to earn the 13,500 Event Medals needed to earn these gems, and other important items from the Event Medal Shop, is to collect weapons that are tied to the event. In this case, weapons from NieR: Automata.

Gameplay Tip: SINoALICE will tell the player if the weapon is an event weapon or not. For each of these weapons in a character’s weapon grid, a bonus multiplier will be added to the number of medals earned! Limit break these weapons to boost the effect!

Nightmare Exploration

In an exceedingly rare occurrence, Nightmare Exploration may yield a small cache of Twilight Gems. Known quantities are 25, 50, and 100 Twilight Gems.

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