Weapon Skills - What They Are and Why are They More Important than Weapon Level

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So you managed to get that nice sword or fancy book at max level and limit broke it to its full potential? Truth is, there’s more to the weapons than just levels. In SINoALICE, if you want to make the absolute most out of your weapon, you need to level up its weapon skills as well.


Weapon skills indicate how powerful your weapon is once you execute them. Even if it’s at the highest level, you’ll need to rely on weapon skills in order to deal more damage/buff/debuff/heal. There are 3 types of Weapon Skills:

  • Story Weapon Skills (Purple circle) - These skills are at the top of the skill list when you enhance weapons and are only activated when you play in Story Mode, Raids and Events.

  • Colosseum Weapon Skills (Magenta circle) - These skills are in the middle of the skill list and are activated exclusively during your Colosseum session.

  • Colosseum Aid Weapon Skills (Red Circle) - These skills are passive skills that, like the Colosseum Weapon Skills, activate in the Colosseum.


Each weapon, regardless of rarity, starts with Level 1 weapon skills with a maximum of 15. The weapon skills will increase their limits everytime you limit break a weapon, up to a maximum of 20.

# times Weapon is Limit Broken Max. Skill Level
0 15
1 16
2 17
3 18
4 20

Increasing Weapon Skills

There are three ways to increase weapon skill level. In Weapon Enhancement, using other weapons to enhance your weapon of choice will increase the skill level. By using other weapons to enhance your weapon, you’ll also get charm medals as a nice bonus. A-rank weapons give 1 Charm medal, S-rank weapons give 8 and SS-rank weapons give 64.

Another way to increase weapon skill level is via the skill orbs. The skill orbs give out more exp than using weapons. Just like the weapons, their rarity ranges from A to SS. However, using skill orbs does not yield charm medals, similar to enhancement items (Swords, Shields and Runes). They are also harder to obtain than weapon enhancement items.

Finally, there are special weapons that can be used to increase skill level. Collectively called the Gambler series, they can be told apart from other weapons by having a purple icon instead of the usual black. This indicates that they increase weapon skill level more than regular weapons. To make the most of these weapons, evolve them to L rank and get them to their highest level. Once they've reached max. level, feed them to the weapon of your choice. The Gambler weapon series can be obtained in the Betting Medal Shop for 500 Betting Medals each.

Level 1 Skills vs Level 15

The higher a Weapon Skill is, the more powerful it is. Additionally, for Colosseum Aid skills, the higher the level, the higher the chances of it being activated during Colosseum. Colosseum Aid Skills will also stack with each other, so it is important to level up Colosseum and Colosseum Aid Skills in order to bring more benefit to your guild mates.

Should I prioritize Weapon Skill levels or Weapon levels, then?

As a beginner, weapon skill levels aren’t that much to worry about. Just increase weapon levels first. The skill levels in the Colosseum will start to matter in later levels. For now, clear the story and events to earn Twilight Gems and roll the gacha to get better weapons.

Limit Break Skills

Limit Break skills are skills which add to the grid’s stats during either Story or Colosseum. To access the Limit Break skill, the weapon should be limit broken at least once. When setting up your grid, you can equip as many weapons with Limit Break skills as desired, but up to 4 Limit Break skills can be activated per grid.

Note that Limit Break skills were not implemented until May 2019 in the Japanese server, and not all weapons have them. To date, only certain SS/SR-base weapons have Limit Break skills and it is unknown whether this will apply to all SS/SR-base weapons eventually.

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