Powering Up with Items in SINoALICE

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There are items used to aid players in efficiently progressing through the game, most of which are obtainable through events, live streams, completing missions and in-game twilight crystals transactions not linked to micro-transactions.

EXP Glyphs

Weapon EXP, armor EXP, and nightmare EXP glyphs are used to increase the levels of the respective equipment which will increase player stats when gridded. SR/SS items are maxed at level 60 unless limit break has been applied to it.

When leveling equipment, it is recommended to first level up all SR/SS grid weapons, armors, and nightmares to base level depending on rarity (e.g SR/SS lvl 60, S lvl 50, A lvl 40), before working on evolutions to stabilize grid power.

Nightmare glyphs can only be obtained by:

  • Actively participating in colosseum
  • Purchasing from charms store
  • Events

Evolution Materials

Evolution weapon and armor materials are required to evolve gridded items, so it is advised to grind for the materials in daily materials dungeons. Items such as Lv3 feathers and shackles drop from Stage 3- 45AP dungeons.

Book of Opportunities

Character levels are raised by increasing the levels along job paths that have been obtained. Upon acquiring a job, it is essential to always upgrade character levels as there are bonuses to leveling them up.

To get character job EXP, you will need to do stories, events, and raids. Since EXP gain is based on weapon uses, manual play is recommended for higher attack speed and variety. There is a trick to play cleric, set weaker CPUs and manually use staffs to drag out the runs to acquire higher job EXP but this is not important because the game is quite generous in giving Book of Opportunities to players.

Job EXP can also be obtained by opening Book of Opportunity from completing starter missions or purchasing from event stores. There are books in charms store but it is not advised to purchase Lv3 books as it costs 300 charm medals.

During some guild grinding events, Book of Opportunity will be awarded to players who contribute a minimum of 10,000 event medals towards guild milestone every event is different so always check the reward lists at the start of every event to not miss any opportunities!


Arcanas are used to limit break and expand the character’s job bonuses from Lv10-12 and Lv13-14. It can be purchased during the month when a character job has been featured on the banners costing 500 desire medals.

In later patches, Arcanas were added to Friend medals and Lv2 became stocked in the charms store. An Arcana medal shop will also be added later selling some job Arcanas exclusively through micro-transactions- mostly SIN and gacha jobs Lv2.

To limit break, apply the Lv1 arcana to the Lv10 or Lv12 job. Only Alice minstrel Lv1 arcana can be applied to limit break Alice minstrel, otherwise, attempting to arcana a different job will not work. Lv2 arcanas will only apply if Lv1 has already been used on the intended job. The arcanas are specific towards the required job and will not apply to other characters of the same job type.


These potions can be purchased using in-game twilight crystal crystals at a limited quantity.

Upgrading weapons to L requires 200,000 gold. This is expensive for beginner players so the game has consumable gold potions that increases gold earned in dungeons by 30 minutes. They are recommended for grinding the 45AP gold stages.

Dungeon EXP potions are best use on stage 10 dungeons, as clearing bosses give a fair amount of EXP. Dungeon EXP potions, when activated, grant 30 minutes of x2 EXP but will have no effect on cleaning only on dungeons that are clearable. JP released a special dungeon key that grants players with plenty of materials along with massive amounts of EXP capable of power leveling players a few ranks. This was during an event when x3 Dungeon EXP potions was introduced and is likely to be added on Global servers since Lv3 potions are included in returning player rewards.

Drop potions are one of the most valuable items because they double drops in dungeons, including medals gained from milestone events. Use them with caution, because early game materials like shackles have low drop rates. Players could get 0-4 shackle drops in 30 minutes depending on luck.

Future Content

Nightmare dungeon runs were released on the JP servers and will be implemented to Global in future patches. These dungeons are unlocked by completing specific stages in story and essentially dispatch a team of nightmares to return every 1-6 hours with evolution materials while providing nightmare EXP.

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