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The Nier: Automata Collab brings much-anticipated characters 2B, 9S, and A2 into the game, along with new weapons.  For those chanting "This Cannot Continue," rejoice, for it is time to spend Crystals and fight back in the Colosseum.

The banners were split into two on the JP server, with a focus on A2/Breaker and Emil/Cleric on one banner, and 2B/Crusher and 9S/Paladin arriving later.  Although the Collab Classes will typically only get boosts in Nier (Event specific) Areas, the universal % stat bonuses are universal and always good to have.

A2 and Emil Banner

This banner ran first during the Collab.  It offers A2/Breaker as the SR Class with the weapon Type 4O Blade, then Emil/Cleric with the SR Staff No. 7's Staff, and the S Artifact Emil's Head on rateup

A2/Breaker provides mostly P.DEF with her Class skills. This will be better for Clerics, who will appreciate the defense boosts. The Type 4O Blade isn't very good due to its effects, even though it's pretty decent statwise.


Emil provides 100 of every stat and then some HP, essentially a jack of all trades leaning towards defensive. No. 7's Staff is a much-appreciated SR weapon for Clerics, with a bonus chance to heal.  Meanwhile, Emil's Head is an interesting Orb weapon that self-buffs other support effects on backup.

2B and 9S Banner

This banner ran second, offering 2B/Crusher from the SR "Hammer" Beast Lord and 9S/Paladin from the Polearm Cruel Arrogance, in addition to the SR Hammer Beastlord and the S Polearm Type-3 Lance.

2B Crusher may seem similar to Snow White-Crusher but is closer to her prototype A2 instead, providing primarily P.DEF. Beast Lord is a solid weapon on its own, but held back slightly by its lower P.ATK stats.


Meanwhile, 9S provides ample M.ATK, making him worth getting for min-maxers.  Cruel Arrogance is not great as a weapon, as its effect is less useful than its peers.  Type-3 Lance is a decent budget weapon due to its self buff


Virtuous Contract is probably the best weapon on the banner, providing good stats and two of the best effects: Leeching and Dauntless Courage.

In short, Dauntless Courage is a coveted effect for weapons due to boosting damage dealt directly - thus it will almost always be relevant for offensive classes.


The most notable part about saving for the Nier Collab is the sheer amount of catchup you will be able to do.  The gacha pool will presumably contain all the added S classes and S to SR weapons since launch, which means more chances at them at the opportunity of their specific rateup.  At this point players can either opt to stop saving and roll casually, or start saving for the next collab like Nier: RepliCant or Drakengard 3 if they're a "True Fan" ™ (/s).  In fact, that might be the very reason against rolling on this banner: saving for the RepliCant Banner, which is rumored to have even stronger weapons.

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