Should You Pull? Droplet of Misery

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The Drop of Misery Banner is the first Step Up Banner on Global, introducing our Deep Sea Girl Mermaid/Minstrel along with similarly themed Deep Sea Weapons and the Nightmare Digitalis.

Why You Should Pull

  • If you like Misery.
  • Strong Weapon (Deep Sea Sword)
  • Minstrel Class + Support Focused Weapons.

Why You Shouldn't Pull

  • Step Up statistically provides no benefit over normal grimoire summons.
  • Mermaid/Minstrel gives mixed stats - Jack of All Trades syndrome.
  • Digitalis is niche/win-more nightmare
  • Weapons in general are OK, not great.
  • Nier Banner is in a few days and the Snow Crusher Banner exists.


This banner isn't great unless you really like Mermaid (in which case, saving for her half-Nightmare variant is recommended).  The best prize would be the Deep Sea Sword, but since the guaranteed SR does not guarantee a featured weapon/Nightmare but rather any SR in the pool, Mermaid might be out of reach.  Notably, steps 3 and 4 offer the same odds and a normal banner, and the 43 required rolls for 1 SR means you're paying 10 more rolls than the statistical norm for a guarantee against bad luck.


Mermaid/Minstrel is similar to Emil/Cleric in that she provides 100 to pretty much every stat. Other than her excellent art, as a class she suffers from the Jack of All Trades syndrome.  Her associated weapon, the Deep Sea Harp, provides P.DEF buffs, but otherwise is pretty weak in practice. 


Digitalis, the Undertaker

Digitalis massively reduces the effectiveness of Water enemy skills in Colosseum.  Her effect is very powerful, and can wall off the enemy with a convincing lead.  However, this potential comes at a downside - her effect becomes useless if the enemy has no Water weapons, and her effect will end prematurely if your guild's Life Force is ever equal to half of the enemy's.  For this reason, she is niche and win-more.  Her inability to turn the tides makes her difficult to recommend.

Digitalis, the Undertaker

Deep Sea Sword, Bow, Staff

Deep Sea Sword:

Leeching is always a good effect - it is the same as the sword of Misery with better stats and effects, making it a solid option.

Deep Sea Bow:

The Deep Sea Bow is also pretty decent - the Dauntless Courage effect is always valuable.  It is basically a Water version of the Substitute Bow.  

Deep Sea Staff:

The best staves can heal at least 2 people, and while the Deep Sea Staff has the potential for healing 1-2 people, it will be outclassed in the future by stronger staves that can heal 2-3 people.  Still, it's a decent option at this point in time until better comes out.

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