So You Want to Save for Nier (or Any Other Collab)

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Here's the scenario - you've spent hours rerolling according to the [GamePress Reroll Guide], but are saving for the Nier: Automata collab as hard as Yoko Taro shills the matching T-shirt.  Colosseum is suffering because your library is squalid and you feel like dead weight to your guildmates.  After getting trounced, you're now considering spending some gems before the collab if only to slightly reduce your suffering.  

After so much sacrifice, you're probably wondering:  Is the Automata Banner Worth It?

The banner is worth it if you're interested in:

  • Nier: Automata Characters.  Who isn't?
  • Stronger Classes to Level.  The Nier character Classes have bigger stat bonuses when leveled than most of the Classes existing in the game right now.
  • Powerful Weapons Earlier.  We're getting the collab ahead of time, which means (unless they nerf it) we'll get weapons from the future.  The Future is Best!

For a more in-depth look at the banner and why you should (or shouldn’t) spend Crystals on it, check out the [Should You Pull: Nier Automata Collab].

Once you get an established roster, it should be easier to save for future banners, but there is one major concern that remains.  Aside from the banner itself, saving Crystals in SINoALICE has explicit tradeoffs in “power walls.”  

What does this mean?  Gear and Class Skills are the main boosts to Power, but the former are mostly obtained through spending Crystals on Grimoire summons.  Without spending Crystals to get new gear and fill out their Weapon Grid, players will find it difficult to progress in power beyond their current gear.  This applies to saving for any banner, not just for this particular Nier banner.  Is it worth the wait?

What Complete F2P AND Hardcore Hoarding Looks Like

  • Naturally, hoarding Twilight Crystals will make winning in Arena more difficult, because your opponents have spent Crystals for more gear.  Don't worry, this will change eventually.  You're still on track as a F2P player.
  • There isn't very much variety you can do with Classes right now if all you have are your starting pulls.  
  • Noticeably, F2P healers/ supports are suffering right now.  Most of the early freebie weapons aren't supportive, and offensive classes get damage penalties for being the rearguard.

Of course, saving your Twilight Crystals will pay off in the long run, when you’re able to pull for specific weapons and Classes you want. But for now, it feels pretty bad.

If you're still determined to hard-save for the Nier Collab, in addition to our Beginner's Power Guide, there's a few things you can do to make the wait easier:

  • Farm for Nightmares and strengthen them.  Since Nightmares are available from the story, farming them and strengthening common Nightmares will provide a boost in power.
  • Participate in the Colosseum.  Even if you get absolutely destroyed, participation still provides Charm Medals which can be traded for weapons and Nightmares.

Check out our Beginner's Power Guide here: 

    If you want to spend (a little) Gems/ Cash

    Ok, so you want a middle ground where you won't be a guild freeloader, but don't want to spend too much.  Here are a few of the options:


    • Starter packs are an instant power up since they guarantee 4 S Weapons and 1 SR weapon for 150 gems (5.5 rolls).  At 150 gems per pack they are accessible to F2P players, and can be bought up to 5 times for limit breaking.
    • The support pack is more valuable to Supports for Colosseum, due to the lack of guaranteed support items otherwise, as well as having decent effects.  
    • The DPS pack is not as great for Colosseum due to ok effects, but the weapons have decent stats to work with in the meantime.
    • Another alternative is Cash Packages that come with Crystals and Equipment.  It will really depend on the equipment in question.  
    • Do consider is that while each cash package may seem decent for the price, they only come with one copy of the gear each.  Thus, attempting to max limit break them with the cash packages may get expensive.

    Royal Medals

    • Royal Medals are given for each week of Royal Service Subscription.  These will allow you to purchase SR equipment, but it will take some time.  Notably, they can be exchanged for the SR Nightmares that are otherwise gacha-only.  These Nightmares cost 5 Medals each.
    • Alternatively, at 7 medals (7 weeks of subscription), you can purchase 18-cost weapons.  Depending on what you need, some of these will differ.
    • Do note that you would need to first buy the 1 week of Royal Service, wait for it to expire, and then the monthly pass for $18, since the subscription cannot be stacked.  Additionally, the medals will expire after 180 days of obtaining the first one.  This means you are limited to exchanging up to 24 medals/month.

    Royal Medals can guarantee SR Nightmares like these three shown here. The price and required time might be considered steep for some, though.

    Charm Medals

    • Charm Medals are free to get from the Colosseum, but it takes a while before you have enough to buy an SR weapon, especially if you're getting wrecked in PvP.  It's still good to save them up for the future, as they are directly convertible into power ups.  

    For more advice on spending Medals in general, check out our currency guide here:

    Pulling on Other Banners

    The thought of spending on other banners?  Preposterous!  And yet the gnawing lack of weapon income tempts you even further from 2B's Crushers.  Depending on how much you care about filling your weapon grid as soon as possible, it might be worth it to invest some gems.  

    For a more in-depth look, check out the Should You Pull list below.  

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