Should You Pull? SnowCrusher

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Why You Should Pull

- Snow White/Crusher grants lots of P.ATK, even more with Arcana.  Highly recommended value!  

- Gluttonous Eris is a better version of Beauvoir, the free Automata Nightmare.

- Mermaid/Breaker's weapon is a decent budget sword with a good effect.  

Why You Shouldn't Pull

- Lack of strong Support options for Support mains.

- Mermaid/Breaker is likely to spook in a future roll at S Rarity; Deep Sea Sword on a newer banner is a better version of Sword of Misery.

- The Nier Banner is soon.


The SnowCrusher Banner's main prizes are the Snow White-Crusher Class and the Nightmare Eris.  Overall, both prizes are a great boost in power.  (As with most S Classes, Little Mermaid-Breaker is nice for the stats but isn't necessary to roll for due to how often S Classes will appear in casual summoning.)

Snow White/Crusher

Snow White-Crusher gives % Boosts to Hammers, along with generous Atk buffs (up +400 P.ATK if you get her Arcana), providing excellent offensive boost for Crushers combined with multiple area buffs.  Her associated weapon, Iron Hammer of Justice, however, isn't as potent, with average effects and lower stats.  

Snow White/Crusher

Gluttonous Eris

Gluttonous Eris is a high stat Nightmare that is the gacha version of the incoming Nier Shop Nightmare Beauvoir, which makes her a direct upgrade since she can be summoned for 0 SP in the Colosseum.

Gluttonous Eris


Lastly, the Little Mermaid's Weapon, the Sword of Misery, is a decent S Weapon due to its lifesteal effect. It's essentially a lower rarity version of the Sword of Humility. Mermaid herself is welcome, although her Common skills provide HP and P.DEF.


Last Thoughts

Overall, for offensive-focused players this banner offers a very strong Class and Nightmare, and is highly recommended. Although there are support S rank weapons on rateup, the lack of more powerful support focus means support mains continue to suffer. Time to search out the game devs and ask them to add more banners, huh?

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