Min-Maxing Plan for New F2P Players!

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Getting Started

Rerolling in SINoAlice can provide a strong start and easier sailing down the line.  Thus, it's highly recommended to do so.  Here are some strategies on who to reroll for:

  • Reroll for Cinderella Breaker + at least one other SR Weapon if you intend to focus on DPS.  Cinderella Breaker has many buff areas, so she will be useful a majority of the time.
  • Using pre-registration gems, consider rerolling for one of the Nightmares on the Grimoire banner.  Gacha Nightmares are a huge boost in PvP events and more because they cost no SP to summon, offering a strong QoL and necessity in top level Guild PvP.  
  • Do realize rerolling for Nightmares specifically will require a lot of patience and time due to the .034% drop rate.  Free/story Nightmares are perfectly viable while the player figures out their strategies before committing to a paid/gacha Nightmare, and they will tend to show up without summoning for them specifically throughout a player’s career. Thus, this step is optional.
  • Save gems for the Nier Automata Collaboration.

Dailies and Colosseum - Consistent Income

  • Dailies give out 10 gems, a purification ticket, and a skip ticket.  It’s always worth doing!
  • Purification - do this as much as possible.  It’s free until level 20 and provides ample EXP.
  • Colosseum - join a guild and participate in the Colosseum.  They are a source of Charm Medals and other precious resources. For more details, check out the Colosseum Guide.

Gaining Twilight Gems

Twilight Gems - the quintessential currency for not only Grimoire summoning, but also stamina refill for power grinders.

  • Twilight Gems are available from various sources.  For the F2P player renewable sources include dailies, logins, and missions.  They are also available from main missions and clearing stages for the first time.
  • Every month you can buy 300 gems (one 11 roll) with 1k charm medals.  This resets the 1st of each month at 12 am.
  • Gems are also available in some event exchanges, so it will be possible to farm for them.

Charm Medals

  • Many weapons, Nightmares, and mats are also available to exchange at the Charm Medal shop.  This makes them an important secondary currency for players to gear up.
  • Charm medals are obtained as Colosseum participation rewards daily and when limit-breaking/selling S and up rarity weapons, so they are the easiest medals to obtain regularly in the game so far.
  • One valuable weapon to trade for is the SR Sword of Humility, which provides excellent survivability due to its life steal.
  • For more information, check out the Charm Medal section of the Beginner's Guide. 

Efficient Gacha

  • Save Twilight Gems for guarantee banners.  They cost a little more (500/11 roll), but can be done up to ten times and guarantee a job/class each 11 roll.  They aren’t released yet on Global, but keep an eye out for them.
  • On occasion there will be step up banners, which will provide incentives like up to 3x the rate up at final step or guarantees.  In general, guarantee banners tend to be better in terms of returns for specific characters.  Due to variability, please read the Step Up Banner details before committing.
  • If you can, it is more efficient to buy the Job Arcana instead of sparking for the guaranteed job.  They are purchased with Medal of Desire, gained from pulling on the Grimoire (gacha).  Do note these medals will expire, so be sure to use them before then!
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