Arknights: Tips for Completing Daily Missions Without Using Sanity

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

The Daily Grind

The Daily Missions are an important source of regular income, especially for Orundum, Purchase Certificates, Furniture Parts, and Recruitment Permits.  Most of the time, these Missions are easily completed by doing normal activities such as material farming.  However, there may be times when your daily activities are not sufficient to complete the Daily Missions.  This can happen when farming very high level materials with high Operation Sanity costs (like Class Chip Packs), or when Events extend the amount of Daily Mission points needed to receive all awards.  

Below are some ways to finish up your Daily Missions without spending any precious Sanity!  Details on Daily Missions and normal rewards can be found here:

0 Sanity Daily Mission Tips

  • TR-1, or any of the 0 Sanity Operations, count toward the "Clear any Main Story Stage" Missions.
  • 1-11 counts toward the "Defeat enemy leaders" Missions
  • Retreating from Annihilation maps before the 100 Kill mark returns all sanity, and kills count toward the "Defeat total enemies" Missions
  • The "Clear any stage using a Support Unit" Mission can be cleared along with any other regular mission you do, just don't forget to do it (Consider doing it as the first run of the day so as not to forget).  If you forget, 1-7 is the cheapest Sanity map that is still farming efficient.
  • There a ton of Missions that obviously don't require Sanity, so look through the list and make sure you've done them all
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