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  • Added the functionality to remove/add the materials needed by individual Operator from the total materials by toggling their icon under the [Total Materials Required] section.


  • Added the functionality to Save the Planner state if the user is logged into their GP Account.


  • [Show Recommended Farming Plan] added.  Shows the recommended Stages for farming the needed materials and the total estimated Sanity required.  Both Fast and Value options are available.
  • Inventory item input is now sorted closer to the Depot order


  • Use the search bar in the [Select Operators] section to select the Operator you want to develop.  Then add your starting levels and goals.  Add as many Operators as you wish!
  • If you are logged into a GP account, you can use the "Save to Account" button to save the state of the Planner, and it will reload at that state when you return to the page!  Otherwise, use the "Generate Share URL" button to copy a URL that will restore the current state of the Planner when it is loaded.  Be sure to paste the URL somewhere to save it, then load that URL again to start back where you were!
  • Use the [Add Current Inventory] button to put in your current inventory and have them subtracted from your [Remaining Materials to Farm].  You can either input them using the images (using the plus, minus, or writing in the number), or you can input it using the CSV in the text box.  If you wish, you can copy the CSV text, edit it in a different program, and paste it back in.
  • Individual Operator totals can be removed/added from the [Total Materials Required] by toggling their icon in this section. 
  • Use the [Breakdown T5, T4, and Dualchips] button to... you guessed it!  Break down these materials into their recommended farmable parts.  Note that this also breaks down rocks all the way to the T2 cubes.
  • The planner DOES consider crafting higher Tier materials from lower tier materials and includes LMD costs for crafting.
  • Use the [Show Recommended Farming Plan] button to shows the recommended Stages for farming the needed materials and the total estimated Sanity required.  Both Fast and Value options are available.
  • Click on material icons to see Workshop Formulas and Best Farming Stages.
  • Click "EXP" to see # of Drill Plans / Records required to reach that EXP

Feedback is welcome! Feel free to leave comments.

Selected Operators

Total Materials Required

Add Current Inventory (CSV)

Remaining Materials to Farm

Select Operator


  • If there are issues with the Operator Planner, please contact one of the below and we will get the issues fixed as soon as possible; comments are welcome as well!
    • Alyeska (Discord: Alyeska#7717)
    • NorseFTX (Discord: NorseFTX#6214)
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