Arknights Operator Planner [BETA]

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Article by micah
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* Click on Material icon to see farming areas.
* Click "EXP" to see # of Drill Plans / Records required to reach that EXP.

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Features Under Development

  • Add workshop formulas to be displayed when clicking on a material that can be crafted.
  • A toggle that can break down higher tier materials into the workshop components.
  • Completed drop data (consider joining the GP-Emma Discord to contribute drop data by posting screenshots in the #lootshot channel!)
  • Recommended farming areas (both "Fast" and "Value" options) based on drop data.
  • A "Farming Plan" button, which totals all materials and calculates an optimized farming route, listing how many of each Combat Operation (on average) needs to be run.
  • Add small icon of each Operator added to planner in "Total Materials" section for ease of screenshot sharing.


  • Save & Share URL functionality - 2/27/2020
  • Preliminary Drop Rate data added for materials with available data - 3/9/2020

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