Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Typhon] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Credits:  Jetroyz, Setsura


"If you encounter any anomalies when we are working together, I will handle it for you. ... Code name? My name is Typhon! This is the name I found on the horn ornaments left behind by my mother, although some people say it sounds very scary."


Accident Report

Location: South Sami

Operator Present: Magallan, Typhon (not an operator of Rhodes Island when the accident happened, but now has passed the test and completed the registration), Mike

Casualties: No casualties

Detailed Report:

When I was driving a vehicle to pick up the operator in Sami, the vehicle was knocked over by a large Sami special beast called the Rockhorn Beast. Because Typhon discovered the out-of-control Rockhorn Beast in advance and issued an early warning, all three got out of the vehicle in time to escape, and were not injured in the accident. However, the vehicle was completely deformed under the trampling of the Rockhorn Beast and it was difficult to be repaired, so they gave up fixing it. With words from Typhon, the shaman of the nearby tribe used the Originium Arts to direct the branches to support the vehicle and help us take out the supplies.

Subsequently, we arrived at the target location on foot, and the arrival time was 15 days later than the scheduled date. Typhon was responsible for the navigation, food supply, and team security during the period, and Magallan provided technical support from what I could understand.

During the walk, I noticed some abnormal phenomena, but luckily no other accidents happened. Typhon asked everyone to act according to her arrangements throughout the whole process, and guaranteed as a professional that the Rockhorn Beast collision was a complete accident and had nothing to do with "Catastrophes".

Reporter: Mike


Is this what Typhon meant with "it's easy to solve", and Magellan meant with "the journey is smooth"?


Illustrator: LM7

CV: Naomi Oozora

Talents and Skills

Rarity: 6★

Archetype: Sniper [Heavyweight / Besieger]

Trait: Attacks the heaviest enemy first

Talent 1: When attacking continuously, gradually increase the amount of enemy DEF ignored, up to 50% (every attack increases enemy DEF ignored by 10%). This effect is lost if Typhon stops attacking for 8 seconds

Skill 1: When skill is activated, increase ATK and Attack Speed

Skill 2: When skill is activated, increase ATK. Attacks fire 2 arrows (prioritizes separate targets) and have a chance to Stun the target for a short duration On the second cast and onwards, skill duration is infinite


Skill 3: When skill is activated, Typhon immediately marks a target within Attack Range. Greatly increase Attack Interval and attacks change to firing rounds of arrows on the targeted enemy. The arrows will target random enemies around the targeted enemy, dealing multiple hits of Physical damage with a certain Attack Power and Stunning the target for a short duration. Gain a certain amount of ammo when skill is activated, and the skill ends when all ammo is spent (can stop the skill at any time)


Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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