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UPDATE: Your Rectruit Tags can now be shared with others!  Simply select your Tags, copy the updated URL, and paste to the person you want to brag to share with or ask for advice!


For a detailed explanation of how the Recruitment and Recruit Tag system works, see the following in-depth guide:

Tool Information

  • This tool is meant to allow Doctors to quickly see what Operators are available from their pool of five tags in Recruitment.
  • Options are available to show only 4★ and up or 5★ and up combinations!
  • Please note that tags have a possibility of becoming crossed out, although the Top Operator tag supposedly will not be crossed out if time is set to 9 hours.
  • Operators with an asterisk (*) are those whose additional copies are only obtainable through Recruitment.
  • Your Rectruit Tags can be shared with others! Simply select your Tags, copy the updated URL, and paste to the person you want to share with or ask for advice!

Tag Rate Data

Update: 2/26/2020

Rates of Recruitment Tag/Combos Appearing - TenChipsOfSalt#6158 (aka /u/patrickpeng168) has set up this spreadsheet showing compiled user-reported / crowd sourced data for the likelihood of each Recruitment tag or tag combination appearing!

If you would like to contribute to the data, please submit your tag combinations to this link.

* Try to be unbiased in your reporting -- for example, do not only report a top operator tag and never any other combinations you see! This can inflate the estimated chance of Top Operator above the true probability.

Recruitment Tag Filter

Click on a tag to see possible Operator Tag Combinations. Up to 5 tags can be selected.

Starter Senior Operator Top Operator
Melee Ranged
4* and up only 5* and up only

Note that the guaranteed [4★ or 5★] and up combinations may include 1★-2★ Operators. This is because setting Recruitment time to be long enough will remove 1★/2★ Operators.
1★s are removed when recruit time >= 4h00m.
2★s are removed when recruit time >= 7h40m.


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