Facility List

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Facilities are part of the Infrastructure feature in the game, in which players can build out a base. This feature is unlocked upon clearing 1-12. Each room has its own role.

Base Building GuideList of which Operators buff which Facilities

Facility List

Name buildingimage Category Description
Control Center SPECIAL The control center of Rhodes Island's ship system, it is the foundation of all areas' construction.
Corridor SPECIAL null
Dormitory CUSTOM A facility that provides standard accommodation for Rhodes Island's Operators. It has everything needed for relaxation and entertainment.
Elevator SPECIAL null
Factory OUTPUT A facility that produces resources at Rhodes Island, it turns raw materials into industrial materials and produces all kinds of items.
Office FUNCTION A facility that deals with all of Rhodes Island's official matters.
Power Plant OUTPUT A facility that produces electricity at Rhodes Island. It produces and transfer power through utilizing the Originium engine.
Reception Room FUNCTION A facility that deals with reception. Most visits and greetings take place here.
Trading Post OUTPUT A facility that deals with Rhodes Island's commercial contracts and agreements with all other parties. It acquires the funds needed to fuel the research and operation of Rhodes Island.
Training Room FUNCTION A facility where Rhodes Island Operators can train themselves using the wide variety of equipment available.
Workshop FUNCTION A facility that processes resources at Rhodes Island, it uses all kinds of equipment to turn industrial materials into useful items or decompose them into other materials.