Arknights: Material Farming Efficiency - Best Stages to Farm

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Material Farming Efficiency - Best Stages to Farm

Note: Best Farming stages, both for overall and value and fastest gathering speed, can be found on the pages of each Material.  recent updates are in the next section, and a summary image can be found in the section below.

03/25/22 UPDATE for Episode 9 [Stormwatch]

With the addition of Episode 9, there are some slight changes to the most efficient farming node for a few materials:


New most efficient stage: 4-8

Former most efficient stage: 7-17

Difference: 4-8 is now .026 more overall efficient, and has a better sanity per drop as well.


New most efficient stage: 5-5

Former most efficient stage: S4-1

Difference: 5-5 is now .03 more overall efficient, but S4-1 still has better sanity per drop.


New material.  Most efficient stage is 9-4.  best sanity per drop is 9-18.


New material.  Most efficient stage is 9-6.  best sanity per drop is 9-6.


New efficient stage: 9-5 joins 4-2 as the most overall efficient stages.  4-2 still has slightly better sanity per drop.


New efficient stage: 9-10 joins 7-15 and 7-9 as the most overall efficient stages. 9-10 and 7-15 have effectively the same sanity per drop.

Recommended Farming Stages Image

Here is an image of efficient farming stages, creation credits to Neia:



  • Efficiencies and drop rates source by Moe.
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