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With the release of Arknights Global, we would like to reach out to excited community members to join us in discussion for Arknights' global release!   

We have the Official GamePress Discord, which is a more general Discord for GamePress covering all subsites, and is managed by the GamePress Discord team.

  • Submit guide ideas! This Discord is customized by the community: it is community-driven and community-first, with all suggestions for the servers put into place and managed by Emma.
  • Discuss the game in a friendly community!
  • Find Friends to help you through the Main Story and Events!
  • Give direct feedback on the site to our contributor team and writers!

Our Team

Blacksteel GamePress Div

Site Lead

  • NorseFTX (@NorseFTX#6214) - I manage much of the back end database structure for Arknights, as well as some of the front-facing features. Ideas for site layout in general, information or guides that would be useful to you, and other types of feedback are welcome! Let's make this site the best resource for Arknights players! P.S. Hype for Pramanix and Astesia.
  • Alyeska (@Alyeska#7717) - Just a random internet entity that enjoys helping people, creating content, and Arknights.


  • Luninareph
  • Hakurai (@Hakurai#1379) - Hi, I'm Haku, resident traveler who does whatever needs to be done for the site.  Send me feedback, suggestions, poems, or anything comments for the site!  Also, Texas Fan.

Contributors on break

  • Jon/Akaga (@Saya#8503) - Hi, I guess I'll be writing guides and info. Penguin Logistics is the best :)
  • Kawa (@kawa#9052) -  If there is anything you wish to know about the game, please feel free to reach out! She has a lot of experience with the CN version of the game, and is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the Operators' background stories.- Emma

GP Discord & Community Forum Admin

  • Impulse (@Impulse#0034 ) - Happy to answer any questions you may have about GP, the Site, or how you can get involved! If you want to make sure your feedback gets heard or want to know who to contact for something, I'm your guy. Also, Firewatch fan.
  • Emma (@EmmaNielsen#0001) - Hello! Emma here, I'm mostly active on the discord, and I always ensure to enhance the user experience. With me every voice counts, every piece of feedback gets heard, I attempt to add every single suggestion, and attempt to remove everything that might be frustrating. Being Community-driven means you all are in charge and i'm just ensuring that every wish gets heard o/.

Want to join the team?

  • If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Hakurai (Discord: @Hakurai#1379) for more information!