Arknights: Summon Guide And List - How Do They Work and What Are Their Stats?

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Article by Daniel O'Brien
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I Summon Thee!

Last Update: 8/26/2021 - Added  Kal'tsit and Skadi Alter summons.

This page lists all of the "Summons" that can be brought to the battle by Operators.

Who Can Summon?

The main Operator Archetype that uses Summons is (rather obviously) the Summoner Supporter. However, Summons are not limited to this Archetype alone, and any Archetype can potentially utilize Summons if it is built into their kit.

What is a Summon and How Does it Work?

Summons are non-Operator units that are deployed onto the battlefield.  

  • Some Cost DP to deploy.  They will show up in the Operator List along with their DP Cost.
  • Some do not cost DP to deploy.  They will be summoned by the use of an Operator ability.
  • Some count toward the Deploy Limit while others do not.  Unfortunately it is not always possible to tell which from the in-game information alone.  This information can be found in the table below and on the Operator pages.
  • The stats of Summons are determined based on the Promotion stage and level of the Operator that summons it.  Summon stats can be found on the page of the Operator that summons them, or on the pages of the Summons themselves. Those pages can be reached by clicking the Operator or Summon icons in the table below .  On the Operator pages, a slider can be used to view stats at different levels.  On the summon pages, only minimum and maximum level stats are given, but stats grow linearly by level. 
    • Stat_Gain_Per_Level = (Max_Value - Min_Value) / (Max_Level - Min_Level).
    • Stat_At_Level_X = Stat_At_Level_1 + X * Stat_Gain_Per_Level 
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 2.02.48 PM
Tentacle stats at E2 Lvl 40 shown on Deepcolor's Operator Page
  • Summons count as Operators for the purposes of "increased DP cost" and "Class Restriction" Challenges and Contingency Contracts.
  • Summons typically cannot be healed by direct heals from other Operators (unless it is mentioned in a Skill or Talent).  However, global heals like Angelina's and Perfumer's Talent will work.
  • Operators gain some number of Summons when they deploy, and also have a maximum number of Summons they can hold.
  • Deployable items such as Jammers and roadblocks work similarly to summons, and typically do not count toward the deploy limit.  We do not include them in the list here, but more info about them can be found on their respective pages, which can be found in the Token List.
  • For specific Skill and ability details/gimmicks, see the Operator pages for more information

Summon List


  • "Deploy Limit?" In the table means: "Does it count toward the Deploy Limit"
  • "Recharge" is the method for recharging the Summons with the following possibilities:
    • Skill - summoned on each skill use.
    • Redeploy - Operator must be re-deployed to gain more Summons
    • Recycle - Operator has an ability to recycle Summons (remove them from the field for re-deploy).  Destroyed Summons cannot be replenished using Recycling.
    • Replenish - Operator has an ability to replenish these summons while deployed, even if they are destroyed.
    • Independent - the summon can be deployed, retreated, and redeployed.  Has its own redeployment Time.
  • "Targetable?" - Summon will be targeted by enemy attacks.  non-targetable summons are invincible as well, and wont get hurt by AoE or environment damage.  Magallan Talent makes her summons not-targettable for a period of time, but not invincible (can be hurt by environmental damage)
Summon Table
Summon Icon Operator Position Deploy Limit? Recharge Targetable?
Tentacle Melee Yes Redeploy Yes
Robotter Melee Yes S1:Redeploy
S1: Soaring Dragon F Any Yes Recycle Yes
S2: Soaring Dragon L Melee Yes Recycle Yes
S3: Soaring Dragon A Ranged Yes Recycle Yes
Camera Drone Melee Yes S1:Redeploy
Obelisk Melee No Skill Yes
Medical Drone Any No Skill No
Phantom Melee No Redeploy Yes
Curse Doll Any No Skill No
Phantom in the Mirror Melee Yes Independent Yes
Landmine Any No Skill No
Water Cannon Any No Independent No
Rosmontis' Tactical Equipment Melee No Skill Yes
Clip Charge Trap Melee No Replenish No
Metal Crab Melee No Replenish Yes
Little Instinct Melee No Skill Yes
Welcome Mat Melee No Replenish No
Mon3ter Melee Yes Independent Yes
Skadi's Seaborn Any No Independent No
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