Arknights: "The Band Choice" of the [Heart of Surging Flame] Summer Event. Choose Wisely!

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Updates for the Retrospection (Rerun) Event

Note: The Band songs, Art, Furniture, and conversations (capsule machine) can be found below in the original article.

The band related information for the event rerun are as follows:

  • Players still choose a band at the beginning of the event that will determine the BGM for the event and the conversation rewards from the capsule machines.
  • Unlike the original event, all band furniture will be available for purchase from the Furniture Store for 500 Furniture Parts or 3 OP (it will not be gained as a reward in the Obsidian Ladder)

There Can Be Only One

Summer Band Choice

Special Thanks: Dark Deed and Dawn

If you've been looking into or preparing at all for the upcoming Summer Event that is about descend upon us, then you have probably heard about "The Band Choice".  In case you haven't, "The Band Choice" to be made is as follows:

Three bands are about to duke it out for Summer Supremacy, and the most important fan of all (you, of course), needs to choose 1 to support (and only 1)!  So the obvious question is:

  • Does it matter which one I choose?

And the answer is.... yes!

  • But what is the difference?

Well the main difference is that the choice you make determines the background battle music for the Event! And it cannot be changed!  Choose wrong, and this could be a very long event for you.  Each band also has their own exclusive conversations and furniture, which you get as part of the gacha lotto box rewards. 

  • Which should I choose?

Well, the one whose music and furniture you like the best, of course!

  • What are the band options, what does their music sound like, and what does their furniture look like?

Well, thank you very much for asking.  Doctors, get ready to plug in your headphones and turn up the volume: the beat is about to drop!

Alive Until Sunset

The first band revealed is called Alive Until Sunset (“AUS” to their fans). They are a heavy metal girl band made up of four members whose identities “are well-kept secrets.”

Arknights Alive Until Sunset GIF


You can get a taste of their rockin sound here:


And here is a little taste of their Red Rockin Furniture style

AUS Exclusives


Destructive Dragon Demon

The next band vying for your affection is the Triple D: Destructive Dragon Demon.  Why?  Because the only thing more destructive than a dragon and more destructive than a demon, is a friggin DRAGON DEMON.

Destructive Dragon Demon, or D.D.D., is a famed electronic music producer and DJ whose face is hidden behind a mask. Their real identity has remained a secret since their debut.

Arknights DDD GIF


Here is a taste of their surprisingly non-destructive sound.  


And their Electro-blue furniture

DDD Exclusives



And last but not least, the King of hip-hop and bad-ass DJ-Guin with Emperor.

a.k.a. "The Monarch," "The King," and "Big E." Record producer of Monster Siren Records, senior rap star of Columbia, and entrepreneur. Nominated in several major music awards.

Arknights Emperor GIF



Choose Emperor, and you can add this furniture to your pad:

Emperor Exclusives

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