Contingency Contract: Season #4 - Operation Lead Seal - Exchange Store And Farming Guide

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Contingency Contract: Season #4 - Operation Lead Seal - Exchange Store And Farming Guide

This is a shop that exists only for CC Season #4 and will no longer be available after the Event ends.  The main Event Page can be found here:

The currency is 「Contract Bounties」, which are earned by completing Daily and Overall Event missions.

NOTE: This section will be updated as I get more information.  If you see any errors or have additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments or contact me via discord.

  • Daily Missions provide a total possible 145 [Contract Bounties] per day.  13 days of Daily Missions provided a total possible of 1885 [Contract Bounties}
  • Permanent Stage missions provide a total of 2240 [Contract Bounties] (2040 from first week missions, 200 from second week)
  • First-clear rewards for 2 new Daily Stages rewards 400 [Contract Bounties]
  • Total possible [Contract Bounties] is 4525.
  • Total cost of clearing new Cross-Season store items is 1420 [Contract Bounties], 1020 for max potential Tuye.
  • Total cost of clearing the Season #4 store is 3200 [Contract Bounties]
  • Total cost of clearing both stores is 4620, or if only getting Tuye from Permanent store: 4220
  • There will be enough to clear seasonal store + Max Potential Tuye, but there will NOT be enough to clear both stores.

To see how many of the Unlimited Items your Operators might need, you can check the material pages here:

Shop Totals Summary (not including infinite item sinks)
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