Monster Hunter Collab - Farming Guide

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Farming Guide

Event Currency:

  • Event Currency only drops from Normal Event Stages in the form of items that translate into currency for the milestone rewards.
  • Total needed to milestones: 11,100
  • Total from Event Missions: 1700
  • Total from First Clear rewards: 2750 (1350  from normal Stages, 1400  from EX and S stages)
  • Remaining currency needed from normal Event stages: 6650
  • Currency drops in patterns of varying frequency, but on overage, 2 currency is gained for every 1 sanity spent. Exact individual results may vary.
  • Sanity Required is 3325
  • Sanity required for First clear of EX, S, and Challenge modes: 250
  • Total Sanity required to clear the Milestone: 3575
  • One weeks of Annihilation will require around 125 Sanity.
  • Total Sanity required is 3700
  • The event runs for 2 weeks, so natural Sanity regen supplies 3360.  The weekly mission Top pots give an extra 240 per week, for a total of 480, or 720 if you saved from the week before.  Total possible of f2p regen is about 3840
  • F2P players WILL have JUST enough natural sanity to clear the milestone. 
  • The monthly pack provides an additional 840 sanity over 2 weeks, for a total of 4680, so monthly pass players WILL be able to clear on natural sanity.

T3 Materials

Once all milestones are cleared, there will be infinite sinks for LMD and the following T3 materials:

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