Contingency Contract: Guide to Risk Level 8 - Abandoned High-rise - Daily Stage 6

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Daily Stage 6 - Abandoned High-rise - Risk Level 8 (June 18)

This guide will step through a strategy for clearing the 6th Daily Stage - Abandoned High-rise - with Risk Level 8, for June 18.

For information on other CC Stages see these pages:

Map Information and Strategy


Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 7.57.57 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-18 at 7.58.06 PM

The main challenges are as follows:

  • Lots of Drones and snipers!  Kill them before they kill us.
  • Bombtails: Especially when buffed, their Bombs hurt! They hit allies in the tiles surrounding the initial target.  Best way to handle them is to soak them.
  • Ranged grids are in the middle, so Ranged Operators need to be pointed either towards the oncoming enemies, or towards our base.
  • melee enemies are a combination of Slugs and Loggers, the former come in numbers and the latter hit hard

These are the Contracts I chose:

  • I found the Extended Enemy Range Contract pretty annoying to deal with, so I decided to skip it and opt for a burn approach instead.
  • The main challenge is pretty clear: kill them before they kill you.  Attack is buffed but nothing defensive, so we are going to try to burn them down before they can hit us (much).  
  • Limited deployment spaces leaves a gap in the line we have to deal with, plus less ranged spaces.

Recommended Team Composition

  • 3 Skill-DP-Recovery or Support Vanguards, V1 - V3.  The range and stun of Texas S2 is especially useful.  if your ranged dps is higher, you might try less Vanguards, but I found getting my Snipers out quicker was helpful.
  • 4 Snipers, S1-S4 2 ST Snipers and 2 AoE Snipers.
  • 1 ST Caster, C1 (another ST Sniper might actually be better here because of the wider range, but I'm guessing for most people their strongest ST Caster will be better than their 3rd strongest ST Sniper)
  • 4 Specialists, Sp1 - Sp4, Specialists are nice since FEater and Shaw can hit and block 2, , FEater and Rope have Physical Dodge, Ethan and Manticore can do AoE damage and Crowd Control, Rope and Cliffheart can hit at range, and Cliffheart can crowd control.  You may need to try different ways of using them to find what works best for you.  You can fill in other spots with Vanguards for blocking or dpsing.

Here is the team I used:



Unit placement can be seen in the image below, and deployment order should be done exactly as presented.  Each Operator can be placed as soon as there is sufficient DP.

Deployment Order: 

  1. V1: Courier - Skill-DP-Recovery Vanguard (use his S2 to (try to) survive the Loggers)
  2. V2: Myrtle - Utility Vanguard
  3. V3: Texas - Skill-DP-Recovery Vanguard
  4. S1: Platinum - Anti-Air Sniper
  5. S2: Kroos - Anti-Air Sniper
  6. S3: Meteorite - AoE Sniper
  7. C1: Amiya - ST Caster
  8. S4: ShiraYuki - AoE Sniper

Formation should look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 8.18.13 PM

When we have enough DP, we can start retreating our Vanguards and Deploying our Specialists.  What I did:

  • Retreat V2 and deploy Sp1: Manticore - Control Specialist
  • Retreat V1 and deploy Sp2: FEater
  • I left Texas in for the dps and stun.
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 8.21.07 PM
  • The stronger your DPS, the easier this stage becomes.
  • Remember that 2 enemies can pass and you still win!

Enjoy your rewards!

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